Mai Fan smiled:“You used to be the least willing to play with someone like me,Why did I send someone a call,But you came right away?”
“I know why。”
“Because you heard me say,I will leave the market after graduation,Never covet your favorite classmate Mengyao anymore。”
“Since I am no longer on your list of potential rivals,Then you won’t be like before,It’s not pleasing to my eyes。”
“Classmate Wang Wei,You said,Am i right?”
What Mai Fan said,Wang Wei was surprised,He blurted out:“How do you know……I like Lan Mengyao?”
Mai Fan points to the eyes:“Just now,Just because of my suggestion,When you are anxious and worried。”
“Classmate Wang Wei,You are so excited。”
“I didn’t expect it,original,You are the deepest one。”
“You have such thoughts towards classmate Lan Mengyao,Then you are like me,Fenqing Club joined because of Lan Mengyao?”
“I just said,The second son of the dignified axe gang,Why are you interested in advanced revolutionary ideas and ideas。”
“The one who fought hardest with the gang on the dock,It’s not you guys。”