Thinking of Lu Chen’s entangled man, Xi Jingnan, feels upset.,but,Being older does not mean that you can rely on the old and sell the old in front of yourself,What will happen then,Lu Chen didn’t have the final say。
“Arrange our people,I don’t want anything wrong。”Although the rookie competition is a rookie activity on the surface,But the fresh blood that the jewelry industry needs,Who can stand out in this,Who is destined not to go on this road of design,Actually, there will be a conclusion this time。
Shangou nodded,Left。
at night,Two people sat at a table and had a meal,This is the second time in Su Yunxi’s memory,unconsciously,Come to this place,It’s almost half a year。
Xi Jingnan eats very elegantly,It’s just that Su Yunxi still feels a little uncomfortable,Ate a few bites hastily,Slowed down the speed of eating。
“Chen Chen will arrange the course at this time,Does it fit?”Su Yunxi asked。
Xi Jingnan said:“Don’t use your mind to think about this matter,The purpose now is to nurture,If Chen Chen is as ordinary as you in the future,How can our Xi family continue??”
This is heartbreaking,But Su Yunxi thinks what Xi Jingnan said is reasonable,The education of the rich is systematic and advanced,I came from an ordinary family,Naturally, such a thing cannot be understood。
“Although it is edification,But I think it’s appropriate to schedule this course on one day,It’s just that time stays in one day,Children’s brains are not fully developed yet,If you want an effect,At a fixed time,And this time should be as long as possible,If it’s like you said,three times a week,No effect at all,Then let Mother Wang buy something from outside,Read to Chen Chen every day,This is effective。”Su Yunxi said,Actually, I don’t know in my heart whether Xi Jingnan will agree with this proposal.,Because my current identity will stimulate Xi Jingnan at a certain time,She said something like this this time,It’s actually a risk。
At last,Xi Jingnan still nodded,I agree with Su Yunxi’s ideas。
“Prepare for tomorrow。”Xi Jingnan said,After eating,Went straight up。
Su Yunxi only realized this time,What Wang Ma told herself before,Xi Jingnan had many friends before,Xi Chengbei is in charge of company affairs,Xi Jingnan is feasting every day,But since the accident happened,Those friends of Xi Jingnan before gradually disappeared by his side,It seems that after Xi Chengbei,Many people think that Xi Jingnan can’t organize the Xi Group。
It can be regarded as the pursuit of advantages and avoidance of disadvantages in upper class society,Now Su Yunxi looks at Xi Jingnan’s most familiar person is actually Shang Ou。
The emotions in my heart are complicated,The guilt about the Xi family was actually forced to helpless,Su Yunxi’s conscience does not allow himself not to deal with the consequences of this matter,but now,If he is Xi Jingnan,,Maybe do something more excessive。
Actually Xi Jingnan,Seems very lonely,Although there are many Yingying and Yanyan around.
Forget it,What if I have such emotions in my heart now,Xi Jingnan won’t believe it either。
Su Yunxi returned to his room,See the dress hanging aside,If I stay in this room today,No need to sleep at night,Just go tell Chen Chen a story tonight,Su Yunxi slept next to Chen Chen。
I don’t know if it’s because of the dress,Su Yunxi sleeps very restlessly,Had a lot of weird dreams。