“If people don’t know Unless you do,Mrs. Xi,These things have been sent home,How to do it?”
This is obviously a provocation for Xi Jingnan,But Xi Jingnan can’t stand this provocation。
Su Yunxi can know who did this thing without even thinking about it。“Xi Jingnan,Keep arguing with me,Didn’t it just cater to Lu Chen’s idea??”
“What does Lu Chen think?,It’s not my business?I care about,It’s just that Mrs. Xi meets other wild men in the middle of the night。”Xi Jingnan said lightly。
Su Yunxi was provoked by his tone:“Xi Jingnan,You have no right to interfere in my private life。”Besides, she and Lu Yan are just friends。
Thinking about her because Xi Jingnan had already ignored Lu Yan before,After Lu Yan knew something, he ran to talk to Su Yunxi as soon as possible,Just so generous,Xi Jingnan can’t learn half of them。
Su Yunxi closed his eyes,Seeing Xi Jingnan’s eyes are full of helplessness:“So what do you want to do?”
Xi Jingnan has no idea,Now he looks more like a kid who doesn’t want candy。
He hummed,Blocked by Su Yunxi,When they get along like this,When will he fall to the point where Xi Jingnan is at a disadvantage??This woman still has more vanity to conquer men because of Lu Yan?
“What i want to do?If you leave Lu Yan early in the morning,Isn’t there so many things??”
“Xi Jingnan,I say one last time,Lu Yan is just my friend。”Sometimes Su Yunxi really wants to knock out the brain of the tall man in front of him,Want to see what he is thinking,Lu Yan knows the distance so much,Why did he say this in a few words?
“He didn’t just treat you as a friend,Su Yunxi, don’t underestimate the ambition of a man。”Xi Jingnan said half-truth,Lu Yanna kid obviously didn’t have the idea of letting go of Su Yunxi easily。
It’s just that this stupid woman believes in Lu Yan’s friends。