At this time,Mai Fan needs a final summary。
He is standing on top of the bag,It’s like standing on top of the most shining stage,He is holding some funny guide trumpets,But it’s like an ear back tailored to tens of thousands of pieces,He told the fans:“Today,I don’t want to happen again。I made a decision,Wait till i come back,The staff of the studio will issue a clear statement as soon as possible。”
“This statement,Is about my itinerary,And some requirements of my studio for the fan club。”
“I will give to fans who like me,Draw a boundary。”
“I don’t know how other stars do,I won’t control the habits of people in the circle。”
“like me,Just get a little tired,Because I am different from them。”
“Someone who really likes me,Is able to accept my alternative and strict。”
“If I can’t stand it,I hope everyone will return to their lives。”
“There is nothing more important than a good life。”
“and so……”
“Thank you,Thank you everyone for your love。I have an external press meeting at three o’clock。”