dry!%!@#……@!!!Lin Bei thinks the murderer is you!!
Spak’s expression became serious,this moment,Chengbutang、Conan、Kindaichi、Rabbit beauty’s souls have possessed,She’s not fighting alone!
Old man,Obviously you are drunk,Threw the bottle down。
of course,The old man doesn’t admit it,Dead goat!!
The presiding judge read the materials:“First of all……Ok,Elf girl,She passed the law exam?”
In court,Nistina actually sits next to Spark。Generally speaking,Seat in court,Except for the parties,Only lawyers can sit,Or trainee lawyer。
of course,The power of trainee lawyers is relatively limited,Cannot express opinions alone,But can help organize the data,Excerpt notes。
“Yes,CcertificateCcertificate……”Spark explained
So-calledCcertificate,Is a system in our country,In some areas where the rule of law is relatively backward,Can pass with special preferential treatment and low score,The license is calledCcertificate,Generally only practice locally,Not universal。
of course,Special Affairs Office in Shushan Area,Whether it’s exam time,Marking results,Or apply for trainee lawyers, etc.,Are relatively fast,Just a few days。After all, there are organizations like Wings of Freedom staring at you……
The chief judge nodded in relief,It seems that the first outsider lawyer will be born soon!!
Nowadays,It should be your first trial……wrong,think carefully,This fairy girl,I didn’t interrupt in court on weekdays.,Also violated court discipline,What kind of apprentice did the teacher teach?……
The chief judge shook his head painfully,No matter what the assistant,According to the procedure,Ask the first defendant first
“502Of residents,Majek,What do you have to say。”
“I think,This case is already obvious,The evidence is clear that I did not do it。”
Ok?What evidence?The defendant has not provided any evidence。
“That one,defendant,What evidence did you mention?”