“Ok,that,Let’s trade now。I give you eight.old,You help me cure my boss’ illness。”Qin Feng thinks again,This is not right,If these people drop something,What can I do?
“but,Trade like this,How did you know,You won’t do any more?How can we guarantee that this is a fair deal?”
“Don’t worry about this,As long as you can put eight.old,And don’t use any tricks,Then we will naturally unlock the gu on your boss。”
Wu Lao said confidently,To deal with this“mix”of,As long as it sounds good,No?
But I was surprised,That girl can actually recruit such a master,It seems,This background,real
It shouldn’t be underestimated!
But no matter how,All worldly,It’s okay to recruit ordinary people,But such a young and promising cultivator,Want to bow down,that,Almost impossible!
Could it be that this little guy has another plan?
Or something else?
“Tut,Speak big words,Who can’t,I believe in what you say,You treat me stupid?”
“I caught eight.It’s just one chance for old,Maybe not next time,What if you guys put on my boss?,How can I save people??Your deal,It seems very insincere。”
“Hum,You feel,Do you have a chance to choose?To know,That little girl’s body is getting weaker and weaker?”Wu Lao did not continue to answer Qin Feng’s question,Like talking to himself。
“you。”This is what Qin Feng is most worried about,Just,He can’t afford it!