Yes,Victor·Kovasky knew that COMAC could produce aircraft,But the aircraft they produce,The biggest is just the picture imported from the Tupolev Design Bureau-204That’s it,But figure-204What class of aircraft?Maximum take-off weight100It’s just a large plane about a ton,Compared to AirbusA330Hean-218This maximum take-off weight exceeds220Tons of large aircraft,The technical difficulty between the two,Not comparable at all。
To know,Even in the Soviet Union,With the designed maximum take-off weight200Design Bureau for Heavy Aircraft Over Tons,Antonov Design Bureau、The Tupolev Design Bureau and the Ilyushin Design Bureau are just three.,And these three design bureaus,Which one has decades of long history and accumulation?
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First1632chapter Not afraid of you(4/4)
Wang Dazhi certainly knows the design of COMAC in large and heavy aircraft、Shortcomings and deficiencies in manufacturing,You can even say that,COMAC in the design of large and heavy aircraft、No experience at all in manufacturing,Insufficient or insufficient,This is why the large-scale wide-body passenger aircraft projects of COMAC have been launched for several years.,Even thrust up to250Qianniu’s new generationRB211The engines have entered the final technical acceptance stage,This large wide-body airliner has not yet completed the design work,In fact, under the premise of the technical blockade of COMAC in the United States and Europe,None of the several design schemes previously produced within the COMAC Group can meet the design requirements of large aircraft。
It’s not that the design team of COMAC doesn’t work hard,But our experience in this area is really insufficient。
This is why Wang Dazhi asked Victor·The reason for Kovasky’s invitation:COMAC’s large-scale wide-body passenger aircraft plan,It was stuck on the structural design before,Since this problem cannot be solved by itself,Then find a way to find someone who can solve this problem,Victor·Kovaski,Is what Wang Dazhi is targeting。
but,These words don’t have to talk to Victor·Kovasky said,Or,How to say these words,That’s also tricky……
“Yes,”Meet Victor·Kovasky looked suspicious and shocked,Wang Dazhi nodded affirmatively:“As early as a few years ago,Our COMAC Group has already launched a research and development plan for large wide-body aircraft,Now the whole project is proceeding in an orderly manner,Even the large engines for this aircraft have reached the final acceptance stage。”
Victor·Kovasky went crazy when he heard it:“you guys……You can make200High-thrust aero engine required for ton-class passenger aircraft?”
“Of course,”Talking about this,Wang Dazhi is proud:“already80Early years,Mr. Chen Geng, the founder of COMAC·Royce Group introducedRB211Engine and‘tay’A full set of technology and production equipment for series engines,Arrived90Mid-year,We have achievedRB211Fully localized engine,not only,We produceRB211The engine also passed Rolls·Royce Group certification,In overall quality、life、Fuel consumption rate and all other indicators have reached the same level as Rawls·Royce originalRB211Engine equivalent technical level。”
Speaking of which,Wang Dazhi has a slight meal,Proud way:“Tupolev Design Bureau in order to reduce the figure-204Airliner’s fuel consumption、Enter the European market,Not have a piggybackRB211Is the engine version??Now the pictures produced by COMAC-204airliner,Carrying is our own productionRB211engine。”
Victor·Kovasky was already shocked and speechless,This completely subverted his understanding of China Aviation Industry。
But speaking,It’s nothing strange,To enter90After the age,The economic situation in Russia as a whole continues to deteriorate,Various aviation design bureaus are inevitably affected,Everyone is thinking of ways to live their lives,Who has the mind to ponder the COMAC Group, which is not well-known in the world?
As for after the collapse of the Soviet Union,Not to mention,Various aviation design bureaus are busy all day, how to find some business to fill the stomachs of their own employees,I don’t even have that thought,So Victor·Kovasky didn’t know that COMAC could produceRB211engine,That’s really not surprising。
But Wang Dazhi gave Victor·Kovasky’s blow is not over yet……