Speaking of which,Nie Guang smiled:“Chairman,Didn’t you see the faces of those guys from the Air Force’s field team?,So I heard that,I feel so comfortable, like eating a popsicle in the dog days。”
Chen Geng was also very happy to hear,Lol:“You mean that the people in the Air Force are stunned by our engines?”
“More than suffocating,It’s just dumbfounded!”Think of the performance of those guys on the Air Force field team during the test,Nie Guangxiao’s mouth couldn’t close:“Although our engine is the same as Il-76The original aboveD-30KP-2almost,But we.”
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First1677chapter In trouble
Chen Geng asked with a smile:“so,The comrades of the on-site working group are fairly satisfied with our engine?”
“satisfaction!Can’t be satisfied anymore,”Nie Guang nodded repeatedly,Said:“Compared to Il-76genuineD-30KP-2,Ours‘tay’MK1110Not only responsive,And lighter weight,The most important thing is to be more fuel efficient,Tell you,After completing the first phase of testing,The comrades of the on-site working group began to urge us to work overtime。