Mega put down Spark,Knocked on the door。
A small window in the door opened,Showing two blue eyes,Squint into a slit,Looked outside vigilantly:“Earthquake Takaoka,Yipai Xishan Eternal Show。”
“Door facing the sea,Three Gorges Dam。”
“It turned out to be His Royal Highness Meijia。”The door creaked open。
“What kind of incision is this?It feels a little weird。”
Mijia said mysteriously:“We just started,It’s cool。”
Follow Meijia’s familiar road into the inner room,It’s not like some TVs,As described in the movie,Are all heraldry of magic,With various skeletons,Light a candle,Try to create an atmosphere in the dark。
Inside is a very modern room,Simple wood grain furniture,Hollow chandelier,Big TV,Sweeping robot,And keep tropical fish!!
Everywhere reveals a very ordinary and comfortable atmosphere……
The hooded hostess came over with a few cups of tea,Put on the table,Speak slowly and gracefully:
“We are membership system here,Even the guests introduced by Meijia,Also to join。of course,The premise is that the member must be a female。”
Spark has a bad feeling,Could it be a cult?
I looked at each other carefully,After taking off the hood,Is a gray cat demon,Cat ear mother,Same as Erha。
Outsiders of these beast ears,Being bullied in the original world,Many are treated as slaves。
There are slaves in every sense。
So they tend to be more grouped,Speaking of,Meijia is also divided into the subject of bear people,It’s also a kind of animal ears。
and so,Small group,There are often strict screening procedures,Prevent outsiders from entering their field。
“How……How to join……”Spark was worried about any weird rituals。
When she was in college,Enrollment ceremony of the school animation club,Just go to find a telephone pole pasted by an old military doctor。Then in broad daylight holding it and shouting:“My illness is finally saved!!”