And ask the staff,Did not get a specific answer,Seeing it’s almost noon。
I can’t make everyone hungry,Su Luo estimated,Teacher Huang, they won’t be able to come back.。
As the only man in the family,Su Luo opened the mouth:“Four beauties,Is such that,I guess Teacher Huang might not be back at noon,So we have to solve lunch by ourselves。”
Just finished,Remove fat di,The other three are dumbfounded。
Ya Ya hesitated:“I,I can only make tomato scrambled eggs。”
Qiao En hesitated too,Said:“I can make roasted eggplant,But it’s only edible。”
Su Luo’s face became weird,What is edible?
Watching Su Luo staring at herself with searching eyes,Qiao En cautiously said:“on,It might taste a bit strange,Like burnt~”
Su Luo’s mouth twitched fiercely,When I noticed the ancestor huddled in the corner,He clutched his forehead:“you,You needn’t say,You just eat。”
Zuer pouted dissatisfiedly,But nothing to say,Because Su Luo was right,She is a pure foodie。
Only eat,Won’t do。Su Luo is helpless,It seems that I can only do it myself。
He grows up,The domineering spirit is on the verge of,Open road:“Since none of you can cook,Just follow my instructions。”