Would you mind, now, if Jack Price were to sing a song and make an awful 杭州spa店转让 mess of it, eh?”

“As to that, it seems to me that Jack Price makes an awful mess


of most things he does,” replied Castalia.

“Ah, exactly! So one mess more or less don’t matter. But in the case of our Admirable Crichton here, it is different.”

“I think he is getting 杭州滨江kb awfully spoiled,” said Castalia, a little less crossly. And there was absolutely a blush upon her sallow cheek.

“And that’s the reason you snub him, is it? You see, Ancram, it’s all for your good, if Castalia is a little hard on you!”

Miss Kilfinane rose and left the room, saying that she must dress for her drive.

“I think Castalia is harder on Lady Harriet than on me,” said Algernon, when Castalia was gone.

“Ah! H’m! Castalia has lots of good points, but—I daresay you have noticed it—she is given to being a little bit jealous when she cares about people. Now 杭州洗浴中心全套经历 you show a decided liking for Lady Harriet’s society, and you crack


up her grace, and her elegance, and her taste, and all that. And sometimes I think poor Cassy don’t quite like it, don’t you know?”

“What on earth can it matter to her?” cried Algernon. He knew that 杭州龙凤网新地址 Castalia was no favourite with my lady, and he flattered himself that he was becoming a favourite with her. So he spoke with a little half-contemptuous smile, and a shrug of impatience, when he asked, “What on earth can it matter to her?”

But my lady did not smile. She threw her head back, and looked at Algernon from under her half-closed eyelids.

“It’s my opinion, young man, that it matters a good deal to Castalia,” she said; “more than it would have mattered to me when I was a young lady, I can tell you. But there’s no accounting for tastes.”

Then Lady Seely 杭州桑拿体验报告 also left the room, having first bidden Algernon to come and dine with her the next day.

Algernon was dumfoundered.

Not that he had not perceived the scornful Castalia’s partiality for his charming self; not that her submission to his wishes, or even his whims, and her 杭州品茶西湖 jealous anxiety to keep him by her side whenever there appeared to be danger of his leaving it for the company of a younger or more attractive woman, had escaped his observation. But Algernon was not fatuous enough to consider himself a lady-killer. His native good taste would alone have prevented 杭州桑拿按摩哪儿好 him from having any such pretension. It was ridiculous; and it involved, almost of necessity, some affectation. And Algernon never was affected. He accepted Castalia’s marked preference as the most natural thing in the world. He had been used to be petted and preferred 杭州洗浴中心洗鸳鸯浴 all his life. But it truly had not entered into his head that the preference meant anything more than that Castalia found him amusing, and clever, and good-looking, and that she liked to keep so attractive a personage to herself as much as possible. For Algernon had noted 杭州419 the Honourable Castalia’s little grudging jealousies, and he knew as well as anybody that she did not like to hear him praise Lady Harriet, for whom, indeed, she had long entertained a smouldering sort of dislike. But that