n the hospitals of Europe, and may be some millions before this war is ended? 杭州足浴店按摩暗语 Have they ever reckoned—except in columns of numerals without human meaning—how many more hundreds of thousands, in the flower of their age, have died and will die, or—more to be pitied—will linger on maimed and impotent when the war is ended? Have they 杭州足疗小巷在哪里 realised any of these things, except in diagrams, and curves, and statistical tables, dealing with the matter—as they would say themselves, in their own dull and dry fashion—’under its broader aspects’—in terms, that is, of population, food-supply, and economic output?

Death, and suffering 杭州按摩一条街 of many sorts occur in all wars—even in the most humane war. And this is not a humane war which the pedants have let loose upon us. Indeed, they have taught with some emphasis that humanity, under such conditions, is altogether a mistake.

“Sentimentality!” cries the ‘little Sir’ impatiently, 杭州丝袜mm “sickly sentimentality! In a world of men such things must be. God has ordained war.”

Possibly. But what one feels is that the making of war is the Lord’s own business and not the ‘little Sir’s.’ It is the Lord’s, as vengeance is, and {178} earthquakes, 杭州龙凤妃子阁 floods, and droughts; not an office to be undertaken by mortals.

The ‘little Sir,’ however, has devised a new order for the world, and apparently he will never rest satisfied until Heaven itself conforms to his initiative. He is audacious, for like the Titans he has challenged Zeus. But at 杭州夜网桑拿按摩论坛 times we are inclined to wonder—is he not perhaps trying too much? Is he not in fact engaged in an attempt to outflank Providence, whose pivot is infinity? And for this he


is relying solely upon the resources of his own active little finite mind. He presses his attack most gallantly against human nature—back and forwards, up and down—but opposing all his efforts is there not a screen of adamantine crystal which cannot be pierced, of interminable superficies which cannot be circumvented? Is he not in some ways like a wasp, which beats itself 杭州龙凤交友 angrily against a pane of glass?

[1] Washington, Hamilton, Madison, Jay.
I saw then in my dream that he went on thus, even until he came at a bottom, where he saw, a little out of the way, three Men fast asleep with Fetters upon their heels.

The name of 杭州按摩红颜会所 the one was Simple, another Sloth, and the third Presumption.

Christian then seeing them lie in this case, went to them, if Peradventure he might awake them. And cried, you are like them that sleep on the top of a Mast, for the dead Sea is under you, a Gulf 杭州品茶推荐 that hath no bottom. Awake therefore and come away; be willing also, and I will help you off with your Irons. He also told them, If he that goeth about like a roaring Lion comes by, you will certainly become a prey to his teeth.

With that they lookt upon him, and began to reply in this 杭州桑拿按摩 sort: Simple said, I see no danger; Sloth said, Yet a little more sleep; and Presumption said, Every Vat must stand upon his own bottom. And so they lay down to sleep again, and Christian went on his way.

The Pilgrim’s P