satisfaction, as they brought news from home. On the 13th Elder Grouard and some other friends called with some food, but they were not admitted, the food being passed in to me by a murderer.

On November 14th I was called before the governor’s aide de camp, who said, “I suppose you have heard the decision of the governor and his council?” I told him no. He then said, “They have


decided that you must leave the protectorate by the first 杭州足疗店都有什么服务 vessel sailing from port, or you will be detained until you are willing to comply with that decision.” I asked if they intended to send me away without a fair trial. He said yes; that the governor 杭州男士spa水疗 had it in his power to send out anyone that raised a disturbance in 杭州龙凤网 the country. I asked him to show that I had raised a disturbance. He said, “It does not need proof, for the Mormon missionaries have caused the government a great deal of trouble, and the decision is that you must go by the first vessel leaving port, or remain in prison till you agree to do so.” With this, I was satisfied that there was no redress for the wrong that was being done me.

I was then marched back to the cell, where I received a letter from W. H. Kelly, the American consul. It read as follows:

November 14, 1851.

“Mr. 杭州最好的水疗会所 James Brown:

“DEAR SIR:—Having been informed, through the governor of the protectorate, that you are a state prisoner in Papeete, charged with the crime of rebellion and attempting to subvert the laws 杭州哪有丝袜会所 of the protectorate established on the island of Anaa, I am 杭州男士养生会所口 bound to furnish the honorable secretary of state of the United States with all charges and punishments to which the citizens of the United States may render themselves amenable, under the laws of the countries in which they may reside.

“You will therefore oblige me by furnishing me with an unbiased and clear statement of the facts connected with your arrest and imprisonment. I do not wish to know what has been told to you, or of what you have heard from others, but simply the truth of the whole transaction.

“This letter will be forwarded to his excellency, Governor 杭州丝袜调教 Bonard, who will, through the proper channel, have it forwarded to you.

“I remain, sir, your obedient servant,


“United States Consul.”

Elder B. F. Grouard kindly came down and wrote my reply to Mr. Kelly. This was on November 15th. The same day 杭州足疗技师输出 I was called out into the yard, when a sergeant and two soldiers took me in charge and marched me along a back alley to the rear of the consul’s office. Then the sergeant stepped forward and notified Mr. Kelly that they had brought their prisoner to him, and without further ceremony the officers disappeared by the same alley by which they came.

Mr. Kelly welcomed me to his office, and congratulated me on regaining my liberty. Then he told me of his visit to Governor Bonard, the conversation they 杭州夜网验证 had had, and about his signing the bonds for my release. He said, “Mr. 杭州海茵汇可以啪啪吗? Brown, the French authorities are afraid of you. They say that you are a highly educated man, and that you are capable of doing much m