ter death that the third baron developed—certain qualities?” inquired Dr. Cairn.

“There were six cases of death in the district within twelve 杭州桑拿体验 months,” replied Lashmore. “The gruesome cry of ‘vampire’ ran through the community. The fourth baron—son of Paul Dhoon—turned a deaf ear to these reports, until the mother of a child—a child who had died—traced a man, or the semblance of a man, to the gate of the Dhoon family vault. By night,杭州洗浴24小时 secretly, the son of Paul Dhoon visited the vault, and found….

“The body, which despite twelve months in the tomb, looked as it had looked in life, was carried to the dungeon—in the Middle Ages a torture-room; no cry uttered there can reach the outer 杭州spa论坛 world—and was submitted to the ancient process for slaying a vampire. From that hour no supernatural visitant has troubled the district; but—”

“But,” said Dr. Cairn quietly, “the strain came from Mirza, the sorceress. What of her?”

Lord Lashmore’s eyes shone feverishly.

“How do you 杭州水疗养生 know that she was a sorceress?” he asked, hoarsely. “These are family secrets.”

“They will remain so,” Dr. Cairn answered. “But my studies have gone far, and I know that Mirza, wife of the third Baron Lashmore, practised the Black Art in life, and became after death a ghoul. Her husband surprised her in certain detestable magical operations and struck her head off. He had suspected her for some considerable time, and had not only kept secret
the birth of her son but had secluded the child from the mother. No heir resulting from his 杭州按摩紫金沙 second marriage, however, the son of Mirza became Baron Lashmore, and after death became what his mother had been before him.

“Lord Lashmore, the curse of the house of Dhoon will prevail


until the Polish Jewess who originated it has been treated as her son was treated!”

“Dr. Cairn, it is not 杭州洗浴会所 known where her husband had her body concealed. He died without revealing the secret. Do you mean that the taint, the devil’s taint, may recur—Oh, my God! do you want to drive me mad?”

“I do not mean that after so many generations which have been free from it, the vampirism will arise again in your blood; but I mean that the spirit, the unclean, awful spirit of that vampire woman, is still earth-bound. The son was freed, and with him went the hereditary taint, it seems; but the mother was not freed! Her body was decapitated, but her 杭州spa推荐 vampire soul cannot go upon its appointed course until the ancient ceremonial has been performed!”

Lord Lashmore passed his hand across his eyes.

“You daze me, Dr. Cairn.


In brief, what do you mean?”

“I mean that the spirit of Mirza is to this day loose upon the world, and is forced, by a 杭州不正规spa在哪 deathless, unnatural longing to seek incarnation in a human body. It is such awful pariahs as this, Lord Lashmore, that constitute the danger of so-called spiritualism. Given suitable conditions, such a spirit might gain control of a human being.”

“Do you 杭州不正规按摩suggest that the spirit of the second lady—”

“It is distinctly possible that she haunts her descendants. I seem to remember a tradition of Dhoon C