rom any trouble. I don’t know just how much I would do for you.”

“There won’t be no trouble, at all,” Johnny gravely assured them. “Doc an’ I know each other real well. You’ve got no idea how well we get along together. You’d be surprised if you only knowed how prompt he’ll start for here. Why, trouble with me over a little thing like this is th’ last thing he’d think of. You just stay where you are till he sees you an’ says you can get up.”


“That’s the least I can do,杭州不正规养生按摩推荐 ” replied Arnold “D—n it, man! If I only were up and about, and could get a few good, honest men to work for me, I’d make something out of the SV!”

“You’ll be up an’ around before you know it,” Johnny assured him. “An’ you won’t have no


trouble gettin’ three honest men to ride for 杭州按摩哪里最好 you. That parson must ‘a’ had a good influence on this range, even before he come down to Gunsight. Did I hear Sam Gardner tell him he was tired of workin’ for th’ Triangle?” he asked Margaret. “Why, of course you didn’t. Well, I’ll have to ask Sam if I heard right. I’m going to ask you to send to Highbank for three SV stampin’ irons—Arch Wiggins is ridin’ down there tomorrow. They’re real handy—an’ chute brandin’ shore saves a lot of time. They’ll be needed in a month or so. Arch knows a blacksmith that can turn ’em out alike as three cartridges.”

“杭州足疗价格You get anything you think we need,” said Arnold. “How about some wire for those quicksands?”

“They’re fixed to stay fixed,” answered Johnny. “Arch an’ that Wood Hallock are great boys when it comes to wire, an’ I’m gamblin’ on that wire stayin’ up till it rusts, which won’t be soon. There’s six strands, an’ they set quite some few more posts. Arch does things right. I reckon he’ll be lookin’ for a job when he gets through visitin’ Highbank. He says as how he’s quittin’ th’ Circle 4. An’ from what I’ve seen of Arch, I like him a lot.”

“Tell him to see me 杭州高端品茶before he leaves the ranch,” exclaimed Arnold. “Why, we’re sailing along at a[268] great clip. Look here, Nelson, there’s a spare-room here—you come and use it until you ride south. You’re better than a tonic. Quit that hotel—God save the word—and come out here.”

“Well, I hardly 杭州油压就做什么 think I can do that,” smiled Johnny, “‘though I’m thankin’ you, just th’ same. I’ve got business close to Gunsight that’ll keep me there for quite a spell, but afterward, I’ll mebby spend a couple of days with you.”

“Well, come when you can,” replied Arnold. “If you think of anything else this ranch needs to get from Highbank, order it. You can tell that Arch that there’s a job here if he wants it. I’ll leave the question of wages to you.”

“All right, but I’ll send him in, anyhow,” said Johnny, arising. “I’ll be goin’ now. You better stay where you are 杭州足浴店比较好的品牌 till th’ Doc comes an’ looks you over,” and he followed Margaret out.

“You are sure that you will have no trouble with Doctor Reed?” she asked, as he stepped onto the porch.

“Why, no, Ma’am; th’ Doc is seein’ th’ error of his sinful ways, an’ I reckons


he’ll do purty near 杭州洗浴按摩全套图 anythin’ I tell him to if I tell him right. An’ of course, I wouldn’t tell him n