l, to the more essential, to functions absolutely essential to the life existence of the individual. The life activity of the parasite becomes 杭州不正规足浴more and more[132] narrowed, circumscribed, and dwindles down to a few functions requisite to its life existence, namely self-preservation, nutrition, and reproduction.

With the further increase of parasitism even the digestive and reproductive functions become simplified, the parasitic individual becomes reduced to the most fundamental 杭州滨江街女最多的地方 of all impulses, the impulse of self-preservation and reproduction.

The penalty of parasitic life is the simplification of organic activities, the atrophy of all higher and complex life processes. This is what takes place 杭州桑拿预约 in the case of the psychopathic individual. All higher activities, all higher interests cease.

In many neurotic cases of the severe type even the sexual instinct becomes gradually atrophied. The patient’s life is narrowed down to the impulse which is absolutely requisite for 杭州丝袜上门 individual life existence, namely the impulse of self-preservation with its concomitant fear instinct.

The growth of the impulse of self-preservation with its fear


instinct brings about their hypertrophy which in turn hastens the degenerative processes or atrophy of all higher and more complex activities. The psychopathic patient in the process of degeneration and atrophy falls so low that not only moral, social, intellectual, but simpler psychomotor reactions become gradually diminished and atrophied. In severe cases even the instinct of sex, requisite for 杭州足浴店只有口的嘛 the preservation of the species, is made subservient[133] to the impulse of self-preservation and the fear instinct.

In psychopathic life all activities are narrowed down to the pettiness of individual existence. It is not sex, it is not species-interests, nor conflicts, nor self-repressions 杭州SPA信息论坛 that trouble the neurotic patient. An abnormal impulse of self-preservation and fear instinct are at the bottom of all psychopathic


miseries. All psychopathic, neurotic interests are reduced to the sorry life of self and fear.

Lacking interest in anything but himself, terrorized by the fear of existence, the psychopathic patient lives a dreary, monotonous life out of which he seeks to escape. Monotony, ennui, indifference form the curse of his life. The patient is in a frantic condition, constantly in quest of interests which he cannot enjoy. 杭州男人都懂的地方 Nothing can interest him, because he has no other interest but himself, and that is so narrow, that it can hardly fill existence.

As a matter of fact he is afraid to meet his fears, he is afraid of himself. He is afraid to come to a decision, never at peace, ever at war with himself. He 杭州滨江不正规Spa is bored with himself, wearied with everything and with everybody. He is constantly eager to find new pastures and new excitements, so as to fill with some living interest his poor, narrow, mean, short existence obsessed by fear, misery, wretchedness, and brutish selfishness.
The patient is afraid to work, because it may[134] “fatigue and exhaust” him, and may bring about a state of disease, while he looks for