ed even his stony heart 杭州萧山区夜网 to pity.

The wild schwartzreiters spared neither age nor sex. As the Frenchmen retreated to the market-place, where their final slaughter took place, the troops entered the well-built houses of the citizens, slaying every living soul within them and loading themselves with rich plunder, some 杭州不正规按摩价位 obtaining two or three thousand ducats apiece. In pure recklessness they set the houses on fire, and soon the whole city was ablaze.

Philip gave immediate orders that the fires should be quenched, and that all who surrendered should be admitted to pardon.

Crowds of 杭州桑拿网丝足会所 women and children threw themselves at his feet with loud cries for mercy, and he ordered them to be escorted out of the city.

But the cruel storm of savage lust and thirst for blood had passed beyond human control.

As the flames spread to the cathedral and the churches, the 杭州足浴用品批发市场women who had taken refuge within the sacred walls came pouring forth, panic-stricken with fear. Many of them were richly dressed, some even wore jewels, perhaps thinking them safer in their possession than if they had been left in the doomed town.

Upon these helpless women the wild Germans 杭州哪个会所好玩 rushed with savage cries, their ornaments and even their rich garments


were torn from them, and the mad reiters slashed their faces with their daggers and knives.

An infernal din filled the air, screams of anguish, cries for mercy, mingled with the demoniac shouts and 杭州按摩服务哪里有 curses of the conquerors.

Under the walls of the venerable cathedral stood a company of English soldiers; they had been sent by Philip to perform a curious duty.

In that building, dedicated to his honour, were stored up the relics of St. Quentin, and Philip had ordered that the 杭州足疗按摩论坛 venerated bones of the Saint should be conveyed to the camp with all honour, and that a mass should be sung before them.

And this while the blazing streets were full of the dead and dying, while helpless children and hapless maidens were being dismembered, while blood ran in torrents 杭州哪里有特殊洗浴 on every side.

Alas, that the royal pity


should thus be extended to the dead and denied to the living!

Among the English group stood Lord Clinton’s three aides-de-camp, gazing on the scene with sullen anger. Many a helpless babe and terror-stricken mother had they rescued 杭州男士养生会所口 in obedience to Philip’s own command.

Suddenly a young Frenchwoman, richly dressed, rushed towards them followed by a mounted reiter. Ere she could reach the place of safety the trooper overtook her, and with one cruel sweep of his sword lopped off her right arm. She fell to her feet and the soldier lifted his sword again, with the evident intent of depriving her of both her arms. But ere he could accomplish his fell purpose Ralph sprang forward with a shout.

“Devil, fiend and assassin!” he cried, as he ran his sharp rapier through the reiter’s sword-arm.
The German’s weapon dropped from his right hand, and with his left he strove to draw a pistol from his holster, as he turned fiercely upon his assailant. But pain and anguish overcame him, and he reeled from his saddle.

The deed had been seen by his c