rashness or presumption, but pure and true affection to make you prevail in the Lord. When I consider the pre-eminence in which He has placed you, I think that, as a person of princely rank, you can advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ.’ But even this 杭州夜生活hzysh consideration was not necessary to arouse the zeal of the evangelist of Noyon. The princess’s noble character and her love for the Gospel touched him deeply. ‘I observe in you,’ he added, ‘such fear of God, and such a real desire to obey Him, that I should consider 杭州桑拿按摩女图片 myself a castaway if I neglected the opportunity of being useful to you.'[768] Calvin was the most profound and most earnest commentator of Holy Scripture; and Renée embraced with her whole


heart the truths that he proclaimed, so that the reformer was able to say 杭州夜生活网站 to her some time later: ‘It has pleased God, madam, to enlighten you with the truth of His holy Gospel. Let us now confess that if God has withdrawn us from the depths of darkness, it is in order that we should follow the light straightforwardly, turning neither to this side nor to that.'[769] The duchess profited 杭州洗浴哪里好 by this advice. ‘Calvin,’ says Muratori, ‘so infected Renée with his errors that it was never possible to extract from her heart the poison she had drunk.'[770]
An open Christian walk was difficult at a court where
popery and worldliness 杭州下沙丝袜按摩 ruled together. Hence Renée felt keenly the need of directions in harmony with the Word of God; and in her difficulties and agonies, at the times when she was


about to faint, ‘as if she was sunk in water almost over her head,’ she had recourse to the evangelical 杭州夜网怎么充值 theologian. Calvin then invited her always to walk ‘forwards, in order that the gifts of God might increase in her.’ ‘The main point,’ as he wrote to her some time after, ‘is that the holy doctrine of our Master should so transform us in mind and heart, that His glory may shine forth in us by innocence, 杭州洗浴小姐 integrity, and holiness.'[771]
Some of the most illustrious divines of Roman-catholicism have been, in France and other countries, the directors of princes; but there was a great difference between them and the reformer. That practical evangelist, whom Romish controversialists 杭州丝袜交友 and others have reproached with speaking of nothing but doctrines, urged the daughter of Louis XII. to ‘seek after innocence, integrity, and holiness.’
The relations of Calvin with the duchess lasted all his life, and they were always marked with frankness and 有谁知道杭州的炮群 respect. Touched with a zeal so Christian and so 杭州足疗店的口一次多少钱 pure, she loved and honored him, ‘as long as he lived,’ says Theodore Beza, ‘as an excellent instrument of the Lord.'[772] Even when he could no longer hold a pen on account of his extreme weakness, Calvin, borrowing the hand of his brother, wrote to her; and 杭州按摩红颜会所 to her were addressed the last three French epistles of the reformer.[773]
The duchess of Ferrara was not the only person whom Calvin called at that time to a Christian life. ‘Many
others, especially among those about her person, 杭州夜生活去哪里玩 were seduced,’ says Muratori; that is to say, brought over to