an, whose general appearance, together with a big spoon which he waved dramatically above


a kettle of beans, indicated that he was the cook. The call was taken up in various directions, and repeated to the farthest tents, and presently white men and Indians appeared from every side and[95] took their places indiscriminately in a line before the tent. Each carried an aluminum plate and cup, with knife, fork, and spoon. As fast as they were served, the men either seated themselves on logs and boxes, or stood in groups, eating their beans, bacon, and biscuits, and drinking their hot tea with great relish. The boys saw several 杭州桑拿论坛 sly young Indians finish their rations almost at a gulp, lick their plates clean, and immediately re-enter the line, by which trick they received a double portion, the cook being evidently unable to distinguish them from new-comers.

When all had been served, a white man approached the tent and asked, “Do we get a second helping to-night, Jack? I’m as hungry as I was before. Appetite’s just getting whetted.”

“No, Si, my boy, there’s nothing left. Only one round,—that’s the orders to-night.”

“H-m,” said Si. “I’ll bet those Indians didn’t go 杭州夜生活 hungry, though. I saw one of ’em go back into the line.”

“Well,” said the cook, “the Cap’n will have to see to it, then. I can’t watch ’em all.”

“I suppose not,” said Si. “It’s a shame, though.” He looked around to satisfy himself that the leader was not within hearing. “I’d have pitched that 杭州桑拿sn会所 Indian into a snowbank if it wasn’t directly against orders. The Cap’n says we’re to have no rows with the redskins, or[96] they’ll leave us, so we’ve got to be sweet an’ nice to the rascals. By the way, Jack, has anybody spoken for that kettle?”

“You’re first on that,” replied the cook, handing out one of the bean kettles, in the bottom of which clung some half-burned scrapings. “Get all the satisfaction you can out of it, old man.”

“Trust me for that,” said Si, calling to a friend to come and share his prize.

Several others came up to ask 杭州哪里有特殊洗浴 for a second helping, but they were disappointed,—all except the one who followed Si. He received the other bean kettle.

“I’m glad we don’t have to figure so closely,” said David. “It must be pretty tough to go to bed hungry after a hard day’s work.”

“That’s what it is!” exclaimed a young man who stood near, and overheard David’s remark. “If they 杭州洗浴爽记 doubled our present rations it wouldn’t be too much, considering the work we have to do in these mountains. I’ve had only two really satisfying meals since we left Pyramid Harbor, and those consisted of porcupine stew.”

“Why don’t they give you more, then?” asked Roly.

“Oh! I suppose it’s because we can’t carry much food on these sleds, and what we have must last until June, when pack trains of horses can bring us more. Would you boys like to look around the camp?”

“Yes, indeed,” answered 现在杭州哪里还有休闲店 David.


“Well,” said their guide, who, as they learned, came from their own State, “let’s have a look at the fireplace.”

This was near the cook-tent, and consisted of a circular hollow at the foot of a