d in Groix roads. Safe out of harm’s way, he had reached a position from which he really could defy Jones and France at last, and defy them he did, more boldly than ever.

It is impossible entirely to approve of Jones’ conduct in this complicated affair. He might have gone on board the Alliance the day of the outbreak and confronted Landais. 杭州水疗会所丽池 His own personality was so strong that it seems probable he could have regained possession of the ship in despite of


anything the weak Landais could say or do. However, if the spirit of the men had been so turned against him that in his judgment 杭州足浴论坛 this would have been impracticable, he certainly had the situation entirely in his own hands when the Alliance lay under the guns of the batteries. It was not necessary for the batteries to open fire. If he had simply kept the pass closed Landais would have been unable to get away, and it is difficult to see how he could have avoided surrendering himself 杭州油压就做什么 and yielding up his ship eventually. All that would have been necessary for Jones to do would be to have patience; that was a thing, however, of which he had but little throughout his life. If he did not desire to wait, he could have 杭州萧山夜网 opened fire upon the ship, taking the risk of a rupture, or allowing the blame, if any arose,


to fall upon those who had put him in command of the Alliance originally, and had continued him therein. I venture to surmise that the first broadside would 杭州男士养生spa have brought down the flag of the Alliance. In this action he would have been entirely within his rights. If Jones really wanted her, he could have easily secured possession of the ship.

Instead of doing any of these things, he let Landais and the Alliance go. For this he is distinctly censurable. It is, perhaps, not difficult to see why he permitted 杭州足浴足疗 her to escape. I have no doubt he loathed the officers and men upon her. He was probably sick of the sight of her. He could contemplate with no satisfaction whatever a cruise upon her, especially with Arthur Lee as a passenger, and he 杭州不正规按摩价位 was a gentleman whom it would have been difficult to dispose of.

There was, it has been surmised, still another and more pertinent reason. The Serapis was still in the harbor. She had just been purchased by the king. Jones’ desire for her was as 杭州洗浴一条龙 strong as ever–stronger, if anything. Upward of five hundred tons of public stores and munitions of war still remained to be taken to America. The Ariel could not begin to carry it all. His dream was to beg or borrow the Serapis, which, in conjunction with the Ariel, should transport the stores to the United States, and then be refitted for warlike 杭州龙凤贴吧 cruising under his command. If he retained the Alliance this hope would vanish. When the Alliance was warped out of the harbor he promptly wrote to Franklin suggesting this plan. Meanwhile, he kept up a hot fire of orders and letters upon 杭州桑拿qq联系 Landais, who, being now out of his power, treated his communications with silent contempt. When Jones directed that his personal baggage be sent off from the Alliance, Landais sent it to him in disgraceful condition, trunks broken open, papers scattered