w York that was not hers. 杭州洗浴按摩特服 She liked to wait for him. She needed a span of time as a bridge between her days and his nights. The hours ahead, like all her nights with him, would be added, she thought, to that savings account of one’s life where moments of time 杭州桑拿信息大全 are stored in the pride of having been lived. The only pride of her workday was not that it had been lived, but that it had been survived. It was wrong, she thought, it was viciously wrong that one should ever be forced to say that about any hour of one’s life. But she could not think of it now. She was thinking of him, of the struggle she had watched through the 杭州足浴会所 months behind them, his struggle for deliverance; she had known that she could help him win, but must help him in every way except in words. She thought of the evening last winter when he came in, took a small package from his pocket 杭州按摩红颜会所 and held it out to her, saying, “I want you to have it.” She opened it and stared in incredulous bewilderment at a pendant made of a single pear-shaped ruby that spurted a violent fire on the white satin of the jeweler’s box. It was a famous stone, which only a dozen men in the world could properly afford to purchase; he was not one of them. “Hank . . . why?” “No special reason. I just wanted to see you wear it.” “Oh, no, not a thing of this kind! Why waste it? I go so rarely to occasions where one has to dress. When would I ever wear it?” He looked at her, his glance moving slowly from her legs 杭州桑拿spa生活馆 to her face. “I’ll show you,” he said. He led her to the bedroom, he took off her clothes, without a word, in the manner of an owner undressing a person whose consent is not required. He clasped the pendant on her shoulders. She 杭州丝袜上门会所 stood naked, the stone between her breasts, like a sparkling drop of blood. “Do you think a man should give jewelry to his mistress for any purpose but his own pleasure?” he asked. “This is the way I want you to wear it. Only for me. I like to look at it. It’s beautiful.” She laughed; it was a soft, low, breathless sound. She could not speak or move, only nod silently in acceptance and obedience; she nodded


several times, her hair swaying with the wide, circular movement of her head, then hanging still as she kept her head bowed to him. She dropped down on the bed. She lay stretched lazily, her 杭州调情spa head thrown back, her arms at her sides, palms pressed to the rough texture of the bedspread, one leg bent, the long line of the other extended across the dark blue linen of the spread, the stone glowing like a wound in the semi-darkness, 杭州足浴江南春色 throwing a star of rays against her skin. Her eyes were half-closed in the mocking, conscious triumph of being admired, but her mouth was half-open in helpless, begging expectation. He stood across the room, looking at her, at her flat stomach drawn in, as her breath was drawn, at the sensitive body of a sensitive consciousness. He said, his voice low, intent and oddly quiet: “Dagny, if


some artist painted you as you are now, men would come to look at the painting to experience a moment that nothing could give them in their own lives. They would call it great art. Th