Guerchard jumped; and then he swore.

“Your nerves are on edge,” said the Duke, laughing.

“Joker!” snarled Guerchard.杭州油压论坛

“Oh, you’re as brave as the next man. But who can stand the 杭州spa店转让 anguish of the unknown thing which is bound to happen? … I’m right. You feel it, you’re sure of it. At the end of these few fixed minutes an inevitable, fated event must happen. Don’t shrug your shoulders, man; you’re green with fear.”

The Duke was no longer a smiling, cynical dandy. There emanated from him an impression of vivid, terrible force. His voice had deepened. It thrilled 杭州spa按摩会所qqwith a consciousness of irresistible power; it was overwhelming, paralyzing. His eyes were terrible.

“My men are outside … I’m armed,” stammered Guerchard.

“Child! Bear in mind … bear in mind that it is always when you have foreseen everything, arranged everything, made every combination … bear in mind that it is always then that some accident dashes your whole structure to the 杭州spa男技师 ground,” said the Duke, in the same deep, thrilling voice. “Remember 杭州夜网hzyw that it is always at the very moment at which you are going to triumph that he beats you, that he only lets you reach


the top of the ladder to throw you more easily to the ground.”

“Confess, then, that you are Lupin,” muttered Guerchard.

“I thought you were sure of it,” said the Duke in a jeering tone.

Guerchard dragged the handcuffs out of his pocket, and said between his 杭州夜生活小姐teeth, “I don’t know what prevents me, my boy.”

The Duke drew himself up, and said haughtily, “That’s enough.”

“What?” cried Guerchard.

“I say that that’s enough,” said the Duke sternly. “It’s all very well for me to play at being familiar with you, but don’t you call me ‘my boy.'”

“Oh, you won’t impose on me much longer,” muttered Guerchard; and his bloodshot, haggard eyes scanned the Duke’s face in an agony, an anguish of doubting impotence.
“If I’m Lupin, arrest me,” said the Duke.