“Hullo!” cried the sailor, “this is queer!”

“Very strange!” murmured the engineer, leaping first up the ladder.

“Take care, captain!” cried Pencroft, “perhaps there are still some of these rascals…”

“We shall soon see,” 杭州养生spa馆 replied the engineer, without stopping however.

All his companions followed him, and in a minute they had arrived at the threshold. They searched everywhere.[Pg 66] There was no one in the rooms nor in the 杭州丝袜兼职 storehouse, which had been respected by the band


of quadrumana.

“Well now, and the ladder,” cried the sailor; “who can the gentleman have been who sent us that down?”

But at that moment a cry was heard, and 杭州水磨服务项目 a great orang, who had hidden himself in the passage, rushed into the room, pursued by Neb.

“Ah the robber!” cried Pencroft.

And hatchet in hand, he was about to cleave the head of the animal, when Cyrus Harding seized his arm, saying,—

“Spare him, Pencroft.”

“Pardon this rascal?”

“Yes! it was he who threw us the ladder!”

And the engineer said this in such a peculiar voice that it was difficult to know whether he 杭州油压会所 spoke seriously or not.

Nevertheless, they threw themselves on the orang, who defended himself gallantly, but was soon overpowered and bound.

“There!” said Pencroft. “And what shall we make of him, now 杭州夜生活美女 we’ve got 杭州足疗一条街在哪里 him?”

“A servant!” replied Herbert.

The lad was not joking in saying this, for he knew how this intelligent race could be turned to account.

The settlers then approached the ape and gazed at it attentively. 杭州夜生活杭州百花坊 He belonged to the family of anthropoid apes, of which the facial angle is not much inferior to that of the Australians and Hottentots. It was an orang-outang, and as such, had neither the ferocity of the gorilla, nor the stupidity of the baboon. It is to this family of the anthropoid apes that so many characteristics belong which prove them to be possessed of an almost human intelligence. Employed in houses, 杭州丝袜按摩足疗 they can wait at table, sweep rooms, brush clothes, clean boots, handle a knife,


fork, and spoon properly, and even drink wine,… doing everything as well as the best servant that ever walked upon two legs. 杭州上门的可信么 Buffon possessed one 杭州按摩爽记 of these apes, who served him for a long time as a faithful and zealous servant.