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“Did I hear you call?” he said.

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“Call?” said the millionaire. “I shouted. The burglars are here already. I’ve just seen one of them. He was bolting through the middle window.”

The Duke raised his eyebrows.

“Nerves,” he said gently—”nerves.”

“Nerves be hanged!” said the millionaire. “I tell you I saw him as plainly as I see you.”

“Well, you can’t see me at all, seeing that you’re lighting an acre and a half of hall with a 杭州夜生活西湖阁 single lamp,” said the Duke, still in a tone of utter 杭州按摩的地方 incredulity.

“It’s that fool Firmin! He ought to have lighted six. Firmin! Firmin!” bellowed the millionaire.

They listened for the sonorous clumping of the promoted gamekeeper’s boots, but they did not hear it. Evidently Firmin was still giving his master’s instructions about the cars to Jean.

“Well, we may as well shut the windows, anyhow,” said the Duke, proceeding to do so. “If 杭州龙凤419 you think Firmin would be any good, you might post him in this hall with a gun to-night. There could be no harm in putting a charge of small shot into the legs of these ruffians. He has only to get one of them, and the others will go for their lives. Yet I don’t like leaving you and Germaine in this big house with only Firmin to look after you.”

“I shouldn’t like it myself, and I’m not going 杭州滨江kj的地方 to chance it,” growled the millionaire. “We’re going to 杭州洗浴介绍 motor to Paris along with you, and leave Jean to help Firmin fight these burglars. Firmin’s all right—he’s an old soldier. He fought in ’70. Not that I’ve much belief in soldiers against this cursed Lupin, after the way he dealt with that corporal and his men three years ago.”

“I’m glad you’re coming to Paris,” said the Duke. “It’ll be a weight off my mind. I’d better drive the limousine, 杭州洗浴桑拿 and you take the landaulet.”

“That won’t do,” said the millionaire. “Germaine won’t go in the limousine. You know she has taken a dislike to it.”

“Nevertheless, I’d better bucket on to Paris, and let you follow slowly with Germaine. The sooner I get to Paris the better for your collection. I’ll take Mademoiselle Kritchnoff with me, and, if you like, Irma, though the lighter I travel 彩蝶杭州按摩养生会所 the sooner I shall get there.”

“No, I’ll take Irma and Germaine,” 杭州洗浴的地方 said the millionaire. “Germaine would prefer to have Irma with her, in


case you had an accident. She wouldn’t like to get to Paris and have to find a fresh maid.”

The drawing-room door opened, and in came Germaine, followed by Sonia and Irma. They wore motor-cloaks and hoods and veils. Sonia and Irma were carrying hand-bags.

“I think it’s extremely tiresome your dragging us 杭州水磨全套 off to Paris like this in the middle of the night,” said Germaine pettishly.

“Do you?” said the millionaire. “Well, then, you’ll be interested to hear that I’ve just seen a burglar here in this very room. I frightened him, and he bolted through the window on to the terrace.”

“He was greenish-pink, slightly tinged with yellow,” said the Duke softly.