The failing squawk had, indeed, become a shout; it was a general cry, from one and all of the war-workers, for all had drawn near to listen–a sprayed cry, too, as if the gust sweeping up from the sea, over which that letter had traveled, brought a little brine on its wings.

“Just one thing morel” cried Olive, again the Torch-Bearer–the Maid. “I’ve read somewhere, though not in this letter, that when soldiers are marching a long distance, shoulder to shoulder, they can stand it much better than if one is hiking alone. There’s our lesson in team-work, girls; let’s take hold 爱杭州龙凤论坛 together–pull together, as we never did before–on the weeds, the superfluous vegetable chicks, the muck, or whatever it is! And–sing!”
“We don’t know how we’ll do it, but we’re on the way,”

started a voice, moved–half-laughing.
“We’re out to make a showing for the U. S. A.
There’s going to be a hot time before us this day,
But still we’ll make our showing …”

The protest was triumphantly completed by the fresh breeze booming up the vegetables.

Two hours later a tired girl, with slight lines of weariness under her dark eyes, stole into the tent upon the white beach, flanking the mother-bungalow, which was, at present, hers and Sara’s.

She did not turn to her own corner, but to her friend’s, where was pinned to the translucent canvas a framed photograph, with a Service Star above it.

“Iver!” whispered Olive Deering, 杭州江干区夜网 tremulously–and 杭州油压手推 again the Maid’s look was on her face–“I’m trying to be worthy of you–of all our Boys–of our talk on that twilight balcony! I’m ‘holding the line!’ I’m carrying on!”

“I light the red candle of Health: strength that I draw from the ocean, buoyancy from the breeze, elasticity from the air, the sands, and ‘dash’ from the wild life about me–dashing health that makes it irksome for me to walk if I can run or dance, that sets my heart soaring along sky-ways of thankfulness, makes me strong for all work which my country


asks of me: I light the red candle of Health.”

“I light the white candle of Peace: as, in the Christmas story, Atawessu, the Star, the Creature Far Above, guided wise men to the manger where the Prince of Peace was born, so may the star of loving kindness guide all 杭州能吹的足浴店 men soon to that ‘fair city of peace’ where children’s cry–like the song of angels, of old–shall come true and it may be ‘Fini,’ forever, la Guerre: good will on earth! I light the white candle of Peace.”

“I light the blue candle of Loyalty–Truth: as the tides of the ocean are stable, returning rhythmically to the shore, governed by some force which men call Solar Attraction, so may I be drawn to the Sun of Ideals, ‘true to the truth that is in me,’ loyal to each pledge I make: I light the blue candle of Truth!”
“Peerless red, white, and blue,


love, and truth,
Bright be my hold on you,
In these halcyon days of youth!
“Staunch as the ocean’s tide,
Nor man, nor might may turn,
Steady as beacon-light,
In its patient, steadfast burn!
“True as the fixed star’s beam.
The Creature Far Above,
Unerring as wild bird’s dive
For 杭州油压怎么关门了 hidden treasure trove!
“True as the …”