“It didn’t take long to reach the 杭州足浴名店 pirate vessel. Those on board pressed forward, as I came up and got on deck. They were all pretty much alike. The captain was a large, stout, muscular man, though I believe,” added Bill, with some complacency, “that I could have got the better of him in a regular rough-and-tumble fight. However, this isn’t neither here nor 杭州西湖夜网 there. He came up to me, and made me answer 杭州油压怎么关门了 over again the same questions which had been asked me before. I answered them in the same way. After he had got through with his 杭州西湖区夜网 questions, he fixed his sharp, black eyes on me, and inquired, ‘Do you know the name of the ship that has picked you up?’

“‘I do,’ said I, coolly, though I didn’t feel as cool as I appeared.

“‘Ha!’ he exclaimed, in surprise. ‘What is it?’

“‘It is the Red Rover,’ said I, making believe to be unconcerned.

“‘And are you acquainted with its character?” said the captain, with another of his sharp looks.

“‘I believe so,’ said I.





“‘I think it is a pirate,’ said I, not moving a muscle.

“‘Ha!’ he exclaimed, looking at me rather curiously. ‘Are you not afraid to find yourself on board a pirate?’

“‘Why should I be?’ I answered. ‘But for you, I should have died on the hen-coop, and I suppose, if you 杭州非正规足浴店哪里有 had meant to take away my life, you wouldn’t have taken the trouble to save me, since death was certain.’

“‘A bold 杭州男士养生spa fellow!’ said the captain, aside, to the mate. He spoke in the Spanish language, but I 杭州洗浴桑拿小姐收费 had managed to pick up some odd phrases in that lingo, so I knew what he was driving at. The mate seemed to agree, and they talked a little more. I didn’t understand, but guessed it was about me.

“The pirate captain, after a short confab with the mate, turned round, and spoke to me. ‘Well, my man,’ said he, ‘I don’t mind telling you that you’ve hit the mark in guessing that this is the Red Rover, and a pirate. I believe she 杭州夜网最新地址 has made something of a reputation for herself,’ he added, proudly.


“I bowed.

“‘Now I have a proposal to make to you. We’re rather short-handed. We need two or three brave fellows, and I am inclined to think, from your bearing, that you will suit us. Now, 杭州不正规的足浴店 if you would like it, you shall be admitted to equal privileges 杭州桑拿体验 with the rest of the crew, with an equal share of whatever booty we manage to pick up, and that I may tell you, is not small. Here, Roderigo, step forward, and tell this man how much your share was last year.’