It is recommended to read this year’s government work report and put forward to cultivate "specialized new" enterprises. The emergence of a large number of specialized new "little giants" enterprises has provided new ideas for solving the problem of "stuck neck".

The development of "specialized new" enterprises has been the same for the majority of small and medium -sized enterprises in my country. In the future, more small and medium -sized enterprises will embark on the road of "specialized new". 2022-03-1116: 37 The big model of Wu Dao has a strong sample learning and the understanding and generating ability of text. It can generate answers on the questions raised by the existing users of small cloth assistants.

In response to the problems that users may ask in the future, the big model of Wu Dao will continue to learn in combination with the knowledge map, forming a pre -training model of continuous knowledge, and then generate a question and answer library.

2022-03-1115: 46 The Office of the Joint Conference Office of the Provincial Park Development and Construction of Hainan Province issued a document on the 10th that the province’s various parks and advanced parks are encouraged to introduce the advantages and industries of advanced areas and advanced parks. Building an industrial park. 2022-03-1115: 04 On the same day, the "Chinese Painting Department of Chinese Painting" opened its pre-Qin Dynasty, Song, Song, and Yuan Painting Special Exhibition in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. 2022-03-1115: 01 "During the National Two Sessions this year, Pi Jianlong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and director of the Beijing Jindai Law Firm, suggested to accelerate the popularization of Internet applications and mobile terminals and APP applications commonly used by the elderly. Essence

2022-03-1114: 54 Cai Yuanpei once said in a speech: "The invention of science, the contribution of literature and art, have several women, are not inferior to men.

2022-03-1114: 20 as the chief scientist of large scientific installations, Zhang Xinmin believes that the current management method of large scientific installation projects in my country is not conducive to talent training to a certain extent. 2022-03-1114: 18 According to the China Manned Aerospace Engineering Office, since 2021, my country’s manned space project has successfully implemented the five flight tasks of the key technical verification stage of the space station. The 13th astronauts are in a good state. It is planned to return to the ground in April this year. The key technologies of the space station construction are fully verified, and the subsequent tasks are prepared to advance solidly. While implementing the task of rail construction, it is also carried out on the key technical research and deepening demonstration work of the human moon exploration. 2022-03-1112: 04 According to the website of the Chinese Consumer Association, on March 11, the China Consumers Association released the "Report on the Consumer Rights Interest Interaction in the Internet Consumption Field in 2021".

With the development of new network consumption formats, especially the development of live marketing marketing, the performance of false publicity of illegal online transactions is more diverse; 2022-03-1111: 27 After the short-term influence of peripheral energy prices, the domestic coal market Counted from international crude oil prices.

In the futures market, since March 8th, the maximum decline in the main price of power coal contracts has fallen by nearly 16%; the maximum decline of the main contract of iron ore; the maximum declines of the main contracts of coking coal and coke on coke are also nearly 10%and 9%, respectively. 2022-03-1110: 53 The reporter recently learned from the National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that a joint research team in an astronomical field built a new method of searching for fairy star group (M31) star group based on the Guo Shoujing telescope (LAMOST) data. 2022-03-1110: 48 Paper is one of the main uses of trees. Big Data of Qixinbao Industry shows that the existing industry chain of papermaking is being updated. 2022-03-1110: 48 At Gulou Ecological Plaza, Congjiang, Guizhou, citizens are watching purple leaves and Lihua.

2022-03-1110: 18 From commercial magnetic floating version, version, to today’s version of the train, my country has achieved a speed-up speed of 100 kilometers per hour, and it has also achieved a leap from short-line straight-driven motor to Changdingzi straight motor. 2022-03-1110: 00 The new crown epidemic has "subverted" the nano-carrier technology that has been dormant for decades and has become a hot industrial field. 2022-03-1109: 58 Recently, the representative of the National People’s Congress, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, and CEO Zeng Guangan of Guangxi Liuong Machinery Co., Ltd. said. 2022-03-1109: 53 In accordance with the development positioning of the leading area of ??the Great Health Industry in Liuzhou, Yufeng District will build the advanced large health industry manufacturing base in Guangxi.

2022-03-1109: 51 Compared with "commercial aerospace", Wu Ji is more willing to call it "new aerospace", because "new technologies have the ability to grow, and new markets can grow soil."

2022-03-1015: 57 Recently, Tang Jiangyi, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the principal of Xishan Senior Middle School in Jiangsu Province, called on the construction of the basic education curriculum system to pass the "high school-college" talent training baton.

2022-03-1015: 56 According to Zhang Wenyue, deputy director of the Institute of Magnetic Floating Research of the CRRC, the commercial magnetic floating train has made breakthroughs in a number of technical breakthroughs in unmanned driving, non-contact induction power supply, and rail operation. It is suitable for 50 Intercity and city lines from kilometers to 200 kilometers.

"Yang Ying, chief scientist of China CRRC, said that in the future, through technological upgrades such as the improvement of gas tightness, further optimization of pneumatic appearance, and increased ground traction power, commercial magnetic floating trains can also meet the needs of high -speed operation.

2022-03-1015: 09.