A few days ago, at the Haidian Group Innovation Forum of Science and Technology Innovation Zone of the 2022 Beijing Free Trade Zone, the Haidian Group "Entrepreneurship Investment Base" and "Science and Technology Innovation Financial Club" of the Beijing Free Trade Zone Science and Technology Innovation District were officially unveiled. A series of attracting equity investment management The institution’s policy of gathering to Haidian has been disclosed one after another.

As the most dense and active and most valuable area of ??the national equity investment activities, Haidian is accelerating the construction of a global entrepreneurial investment center.

  Equity investment institutions will be supported by a variety of supporting "entrepreneurial investment bases" as an important starting point for Haidian District to promote social capital to help the construction of the free trade zone. It is reported that in order to accelerate the gathering of equity investment institutions, the equity investment institutions settled in the Haidian Group of the Beijing Free Trade Zone will enjoy a variety of supporting support for centralized registration, investment awards, rent subsidies, and one -time registered fund subsidies. Among them, the equity investment management institution (managed by the management fund is registered in Haidian, and the registered capital reaches 3 billion yuan) to the Haidian Group in the Beijing Pilot Free Trade Zone (and the registered capital reaches more than 3 billion yuan) Investment funds or equity investment management institutions (in the size of the fund managed by Haidian more than 100 million yuan), after investing in more than two enterprises in Haidian District, the rent subsidy for three consecutive years, the three -year subsidy ratio is 50%and 30%, respectively. , 20%. "Science and Technology Financial Society Living Room" is the core platform of the entrepreneurial investment base. It is supported by Shijochuang, Haidian District Financial Office, and the Beijing Fund Industry Association. "Formation" service will also introduce related content such as the service, government consultation, credit, etc. of the park, and aims to promote the accelerated growth of technology companies through financial, parks, governments and other forces.

  Grabbing the "two districts" opportunity to cultivate the relevant person in charge of the new momentum of financial development in the new momentum of the Haidian District, the construction of the "two districts" has been in the construction of more than a year, and Haidian District has closer to the financial system and policy innovation opportunities to do a good job of connecting linkage and policy superimposed. According to the "two districts" construction work plan "and" China (Beijing) Free Trade Zone Science and Technology Innovation Area Implementation Plan ", the" Two Districts "Financial Field Construction Work Plan is formulated, and the Global Entrepreneurship Investment Center is proposed to build a global entrepreneurial investment center , To expand the four major work goals of the four major work goals of the financial sector, promote deep integration of fintech, strengthen the innovation of financial technology, strengthen the financial service real economy, highlight the role of financial promotion, and strive to cultivate new momentum of financial development. Taking professional service agencies as an example, Haidian District supports banks and insurance institutions in the Free Trade Zone to improve the service level, and set up a number of professional service institutions for free trade pilot zones, including the first city in the city. The district named banking institution -Beijing Agricultural Bank Co., Ltd. Beijing Free Trade Zone Branch, and professional service institutions of Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and Bank of Beijing have also been established. The introduction of the fourth joint venture insurance asset management company "China Merchants Nobelkeeper", Junlian Capital’s overseas private equity parallel fund has completed fund raising, set up a health technology US dollar fund, the fund size exceeds 200 million US dollars, and the Asia investment bank investment is 30 million US dollars. Capital continues to "relay" supporting technology independence and self -reliance "In the process of Longxin’s development, it has obtained the support of central capital, local capital, social capital, and public capital.

Hu Weiwu, chairman of Longxin Zhongke.

After more than ten years of long -distance running, the domestic CPU (central processor) enterprise headquartered in Haidian District has now systematically mastered the key core technologies of the CPU and operating system, and the performance of the CPU is approaching the mainstream international market. Behind it, the role of industrial funds and equity investment cannot be ignored.

  "Haidian is the most concentrated area of ??entrepreneurial investment and equity investment. The number of equity investment institutions, the amount of management capital, and the number of cases of investing in the country have remained at the forefront of the country." Lin Jianhua, deputy head of Haidian District, said that as of the end of 2021 There are 726 private equity investment management institutions, and the amount of management capital exceeds trillion yuan. Since the establishment of the city’s first entrepreneurial investment guidance fund in 2009, Haidian District has established or participated in more than 40 funds, leveraging social capital over 32.8 billion yuan, forming a market -oriented "Haidian Innovation Fund Department".

As of now, the Fund Department has invested over 16.9 billion yuan in foreign countries and has supported more than 750 direct investment projects.

(Reporter Sun Qiru) (Original title: Equity investment institutions have settled in up to 15 million yuan to subsidize Haidian to accelerate the construction of global entrepreneurial investment centers).