Officers and soldiers use advanced combustion technology to make hot food production. In the past few days, Shen Shuhao/Photo, a brigade of the 72nd Army launched a mountain offensive drill in the hinterland of Anhui. During the exercise, a certain type of cooking car was guaranteed by itself, where the task was performed, and the field "mobile kitchen" followed.

  Parking, vegetable preparation, cooking … new field cooking car drivers and cooks Huang Xiuzhuang and comrades’ actions are clean and neat. The entire echelon "picnic" is guaranteed by them. The brigade’s synthetic camp captain Shui Hengfei introduced: "This type of self -made car is converted by military off -road vehicles. It has the advantages of good maneuverability and strong protection. There are many obstacles such as roads. "It is understood that the cooking trailers installed in the past have poor maneuverability, the development and withdrawal time consumption takes a long time, the operation is relatively inconvenient, and it is difficult to achieve rapid dynamic guarantee.

The new type of self -cooking car is used in the cabin -type compartment. The off -road has a strong maneuverability and no need to start withdrawal. It adopts advanced combustion technology, has stable work, high efficiency, and can work in low -temperature and low temperature environment.

It is also equipped with a new circular system, which can achieve non -bright smoke and fire, and the safety performance of the battlefield is greatly improved.

  Inside the carriage, the cook, Tian Zhen, is operating a variety of cooking equipment in an orderly manner. The noodle machine, vegetable cutting machine, and cooking machine started at the same time. He handed the prepared vegetables to the cooking cook, Lin Weiquan, and then turned to check the operation of the noodle machine.

  "This ‘big guy’ is not simple. It uses advanced fuel technology and integrated intelligent technology. It has automatic cut vegetables, noodles, and cooking functions. Only 4 cooks can easily complete hot food production." Inside the carriage, Tian Zhenbian introduced it while the operation.

  The equipment in the compartment is rich and diverse, but the space is not forced. The cooking of cooks is clear in the intense environment, the operation is smooth, and the cooperation is tacit.

I do n’t see the smoke, but when I smell the meals, a meal that can meet the needs of hundreds of people will be completed in the square cabin. "Location is exposed, ready to transfer!" A harsh alarm sound suddenly sounded, the troops quickly ended their rest and entered the battle state, and the echelon began to move. The cooking vehicle also quickly completed the withdrawal. Huang Xiuhuang returned to the cab to start the vehicle quickly. The staff members fixed themselves on the seat, but the cooking equipment on the car did not stop working.

  Shui Hengfei introduced that this type of cooking car gets rid of the restrictions on the operating conditions. It can be produced as usual regardless of whether it is stopped or traveling. Cookies can monitor the equipment through video surveillance equipment in real time, and control the switch, functions, and progress of the cooking equipment through the button in the car. The cooking car rolled all the way, the dust outside the car rolled, and the aroma in the car overflowed. Shui Hengfei said: "The production of the edge machine is the most prominent feature of a new field cooking car, which effectively improves the efficiency of the field cooking guarantee." "Bengbu, I am Hefei.

The echelon has shifted to the No. 1 highland, and your department has quickly taken forward! "Suddenly there were orders from the vehicle radio station." Quickly change the route, move to the No. 1 highland, and execute it! "Shui Hengfei frowned to the Huangxiu shed.

  In order to save time, Shui Hengfei decided to escape from the echelon to rush to the No. 1 highland. Under the cover of the dense forest, they escaped the "enemy" satellite reconnaissance, artillery blocking, and the "enemy forces" and were getting closer and closer to the No. 1 highland.

However, the battle is far from over. "Yellow smoke appeared in the front of 500 meters in front, and was suspected to be a poisonous area.

Facing the sudden "special love", Shui Hengfei sank: "Start the three anti -device and execute! "Under a order, Huang Xiuzhu immediately lowered the speed and pressed the" three defense "buttons at the same time, and the atmosphere in the car became tense.

  After passing the "dyeing area", the cooking car slowly carried out, and a solid armor became a solid barrier. After a few minutes, the smoke in the field of vision gradually retreated, and the vehicle successfully crossed the "poisonous zone".

After passing the last part of the complex terrain, the car group finally reached the No. 1 highland. The vehicle has just stopped, and the staff members are busy. They are busy and eliminated, cleaning equipment, maintenance of vehicles, and preparing meals … It didn’t take long for a "field package" with full -color fragrance and nutritious and delicious.

  "Where the battle is launched, and where the meals are to be guaranteed." Luo Taiguang, the head of the barracks of the barracks of the barracks, introduced the advantages of the new equipment to make full discover the advantages of new equipment and organize different combat conditions and cooking guarantee training training in different protection environments. Add "combat flavor" in "fragrance" to promote the guarantee unit to systematization and practical transformation and upgrading.