Great Wall Network · Jiyun Client May 24th (Reporter Li Huiying) Today, from the press conference held from Baoding City, the city issued the "Twelve Measures on Promoting College Graduates to Once Employment and Entrepreneurship", and launched 10 Thousands of positions invite college graduates and aspiring youths to ensure employment and entrepreneurship.

  According to reports, the "Twelve Measures" issued this time are divided into 12 specific measures from the content. Article 1-3 focuses on the positions and corresponding support measures provided by public affairs and public services.

The first is to stabilize the scale of the recruitment of public sectors, add 1,320 civil servants and selection positions; excavate and optimize public institutions, add 6,656 positions in the fields of education, health, agriculture, cultural tourism, sports and other fields. The second is to support 1,500 scientific research assistants in 17 universities in Baoding. Article 3 is to encourage college graduates to serve the grassroots level, and add three new support, special post teachers, community workers, township (street) social workers, community kindergarten teachers, and service positions for pension institutions. Article 4-7 focuses on existing positions and corresponding support measures through public welfare resettlement, trainees, internships, and flexible employment mining.

The fourth is the addition of 1,000 new temporary public welfare positions, focusing on ensuring the construction of public employment services, public management, social services, and health prevention in the grass -roots level.

The fifth is to expand the scale of employment trainees, with 20,000 new posts. Article 6 is to solicit 5,000 internships and practical positions, and strengthen young talents such as party and government agencies, institutions, agricultural enterprises, cooperatives, streets (towns), communities (villages) and other young talents. Article 7 is to create 10,000 flexible employment positions, support online education and training, Internet marketing, online learning services, cold chain logistics, courier logistics, live e -commerce, new media, mobile travel, e -commerce and other new industries and new formats Essence

  Article 8 Key combing incremental positions and corresponding support measures for the development of leading industries and key projects. The city’s key industries provide 35,000 positions.

7+18+N key industrial system currently provides 22,000 employment positions (including 3,000 automotive and component industries, 3,000 electricity and intelligent manufacturing industries, 5,000 data services industry, 2,000 construction industry, urban agriculture 3000 One, 3,500 business circulation industry, 2,000 other industrial chains, 200 scientific and technological agent positions, and 300 professional investment promotion positions); 68 industrial projects under construction in the city can be completed and put into operation during the year The city’s infrastructure and engineering construction projects under construction, excavated 2,000 employment positions in related fields such as project management, planning, design, survey, cost, supervision, etc. Article 9-10 is to promote and achieve employment by increasing vocational skills training and vocational qualification training. Article 9 Increase professional skills training, add 40 new training institutions during the year, and provide 1,000 teachers’ positions.

80,000 people throughout the year, of which 16,000 college graduates participated in vocational skills training and helped 10,000 college graduates to achieve employment and entrepreneurship. Article 10 is to vigorously develop the professional qualification training market, carry out 43,000 vocational qualification training, and help 15,000 college graduates to achieve employment and entrepreneurship. Article 11 focuses on supporting entrepreneurship to drive employment measures.

Plan the construction of 20 doctoral farms, add 100 innovation and entrepreneurial incubation carriers, 1,000 incubation entities, and accumulate 3,000 employment positions. The above positions have clearly clarified specific support measures and support policies.

  Article 12 Focus on service guarantee measures.

Such as: cancel the public employment talent service agency before the departure of colleges and universities to leave the seal of the employment agreement and go to the public employment talent service agency after leaving the school to apply for the registration procedures; Check in a youth station and enjoy one -stop public welfare comprehensive services such as short -term accommodation, policy consultation, employment and entrepreneurship guidance, and city integration.