People’s Daily Online, Tokyo, May 18th. According to the Japanese current Affairs News Agency, the 68th Edo Sichuan Walker Award hosted by the Japanese Inference Writers Association decided on the 17th that the award will be awarded to the 23 -year -old Araki -created novel " The killing at the end of this world ".

Arakie’s age is only 23 years and 7 months old, setting the youngest record for the winners of the Edogawa Steptle Award.

The previous youngest record holder was Shenshan Yuyou, and his novel "Ancient Tomb of the Earth" won the 50th Edo Sichuan Walk Award in 2004. The award was only 24 years old and 3 months old.

It is reported that the awarding ceremony of the 68th Edo Sichuan Awards will be held in Tokyo in November this year with a prize of 5 million yen. The Edo Sichuan Walk Award was established in 1954 to celebrate the 60 -year -old birthday of the Japanese reasoning novel master Edogawa. The first session was held in 1955, and it was held once a year.

The first two awards are special research works for reasoning novels. Since the third session of 1957, it has become award for newcomers to encourage new writers. It is the highest honor for Japanese reasoning novels.

(Compilation: Chen Jianjun) (Responsible editor: Xu Wenjin, Sun Lu).