Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, March 12 (Reporter Xu Xiaoqing Wang Jingyuan) The Shanghai Disney Resort issued a notice on the evening of the 11th to implement the relevant requirements of the city’s epidemic prevention and control and ensure the safety and health of tourists and actors. Adjusting the epidemic prevention and control measures in the Shanghai Disney Resort, Shanghai Disneyland will implement flow limit.

Most of the attractions and entertainment projects in the park will control the passenger flow, and the theater performance will be suspended. The notice reminds that when all tourists enter the Shanghai Disney resort, they must show a valid ID card or travel certificate, and the green code and green communication big data itinerary displayed by the green, and scan the two local "One Netcom Office" units posted on the spot. The dimension code to ensure that the itinerary can be traced and shows an effective Shanghai Disneyland appointment code when entering the Shanghai Disneyland. It is understood that since March 13, all tourists must also show the nucleic acid test negative report within 24 hours when entering the Shanghai Disney resort. All tourists must wear masks when playing in the resort. Regardless of indoor and outdoor, except for meals, they must be strictly kept safe. The resort also said that all performers will be regularly detected as required. The frequency of sanitary disinfection in the resort will further increase.

  At present, in the resort area, Shanghai Disneyland, two theme hotels, Disney town and Star Wish Park continue to operate.