[Bright Time Review] The average age of the core members of the Beidou Satellite Team is 36 years old, the average age of the quantum science team is 35 years old, the average age of the Fast R & D team in China is only 30 years old … This is the recently released white paper published in the "Chinese Youth of the New Era" recently released. a set of data. Today, the best period of Chinese youths in the new era meets the development of the Chinese nation. It is not only facing a rare life encounters for construction, but also the era mission of "heaven will be reduced to Sri Lanka". Young people are the most positive and angry power of the entire social force. The hope of the country is in the youth and the future of the nation in the youth. Chinese youths in the new era have stabilized the spirit of the people’s spirit, and showed different spiritual appearances, writing unusual youth stories. Dare to show the spirit in the crisis, and the youth in the new era has been struggling.

In a major project that reflects the comprehensive national strength and inspiring the nation’s ambitions, when it fights against major natural disasters and cope with the emergencies of emergencies, the young man has always stood up at the forefront.

Especially in this anti -epidemic, the young man in the new era came forward and had nothing, and wrote a youth poem that could sing and wept.

As General Secretary Xi Jinping said at the important speech at the National Conference of Against the New Crown Pneumonia’s epidemic in the country: "The younger generation is not afraid of suffering, fear of difficulties, and sacrifice. Hope of the Chinese nation.

"Be good at seeing true chapters at critical moments, and youths in the new era have sharp anger. The prosperity of China’s prosperity in the new era is full of hope. Chinese youths in the new era have a better development environment and a wider growth space.

Not only are their ideals and beliefs more firm, their physical and mental quality is better, but they are also improved in knowledge quality. Social participation is proactive.

If you are strong, the country is strong. Similarly, when young people have sharp energy, the country can make progress. In the new era, young people have closely combined personal pursuits with the development of the country, released their imagination and creativity, and have the courage to participate in increasingly fierce international competition, strive to be innovative and entrepreneurial, and effectively improve China’s development vitality and international competitiveness. The courage to be brilliant in ordinary posts, in the new era, youth has been responsible.

In the front line of the factory workshop, young workers practice their skills hard, strive for excellence, twist each screw, welded with each joint, and let the "Made in China" go to the world; in the fields, young farmers have cultivated the heat, refined in the summer, and strive to take the Chinese. The rice bowl is in prison in its own hands; in the streets of the city, the courier brothers and takeaway riders will come in the rain to pass the happiness and warmth to millions of households … The youth in the new era struggle, courageous to sharpen themselves Writing extraordinary struggle stories and interpretation of struggle in ordinary posts in all walks of life. It is the great power that the responsibility and the brilliance, which has promoted the development of society, the happiness of the people, and the revitalization of the nation. "I was still the young man from the past, and there was no trace of changes. Time was just a test. The faith in my heart has not diminished …" The song of the singing across the country sang many young people’s hearts.

Of course, each generation of young people has their own encounters and opportunities, which also means that each generation of young people must do their best to plan life, realize mission, and create history under their time conditions.

Our society and country show more changes and possibilities due to the struggle of Chinese youths in the new era. Let us wait and see! Author: Zhang Qing (media commentator).