Our newspaper, Beijing, May 31 (Reporter Wang Yan) The Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Federation organized a symposium on professional ethics and style construction of the National Literary Federation on May 31 to review the comprehensive governance work in the field of style construction and entertainment in the national liberal arts. The construction of the wind and the construction work has been further deployed to guide the majority of literary and art workers to consciously pursue moral arts and art, and promote the wind and art. In recent years, the National Federation System has carefully fulfilled the basic functions of unity guidance, liaison coordination, service management, and self -discipline power, and adopted a series of effective work measures to promote the formal consensus of the literary and art circles to form a new style and resist the crooked wind. Everyone pays attention to the situation of traveling, continuous construction, and joint guardianship. Li Yi, secretary and vice chairman of the Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Federations, said that the Cultural Federation Association at all levels, as a bridge between the party to contact literary workers, must further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, comprehensively promote and strengthen the professional ethics and customs construction of the literary and artistic circles.

It is necessary to adhere to the combination of the standard and the root cause, the combination of positive advocacy and negative punishment, the combination of flexible guidance and rigid constraints, solve the combination of ideological problems, and solve practical problems, make overall advancement, focus on breakthroughs, and achieve substantiality in the leading role of industry construction. progress.

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