For thousands of years, China has bred a variety of rural culture on the basis of the farming economy.

How to realize the creative transformation and innovative development of rural culture from resources -products to brand -industry -industry -industry is not only a vivid practice that shows cultural self -confidence, but also an important part of empowering rural revitalization.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, "It is necessary to strengthen the environmental improvement and spiritual civilization construction of rural human settlements, improve the rural governance system, and make the rural spiritual style, the living environment, ecological environment, and social atmosphere of the countryside, so that the villagers will live an enviable pastoral countryside Life".

A few days ago, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism jointly issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Revitalization of the Cultural Industry to Empower the Countryside" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), providing a development blueprint and action guidance for the promotion of the cultural industry’s empowerment of rural rejuvenation in various places and departments. The cultural industry empowers rural rejuvenation. It requires both rural people and foreign talents. The "Opinions" adheres to the view of talents in Hainan, emphasizing the combination of the cultivation of local talents and the introduction of foreign talents to explore mutually promoting education mechanisms and citations.

In terms of cultivating local talents, we must adhere to the concept of everyone’s talents and talents on the spot. The leading role of folk artists must be cultivated to the greatest extent to cultivate a large number of rural literary performance teams, peasant artists, sculptors and other rural cultural experts; we must also pay attention to strengthening the cultivation and support policies of rural cultural talents, and establish an effective interest connection mechanism. In terms of introducing foreign talents, we must adhere to the concept of releasing talents to release rural vitality. We must adhere to the attractiveness and guide the cultural industry practitioners, entrepreneurs, cultural workers, cultural volunteers, teachers and students of colleges to go deep into rural docking assistance and assistance. Investment in the industry; we must also adhere to the use of good use of rural talents and deeply cultivating rural culture to provide good supporting policies and entrepreneurial environments for foreign talents.

  The cultural industry empowers the rural revitalization.

The "Opinions" adheres to the integration of urban and rural integration, emphasizes the flow of urban and rural elements, and through cultural leadership and industrial driving, stimulate the vitality of rural culture prosperity and development.

In terms of resources to the countryside, the transformation of traditional agriculture and rural areas cannot be separated from the introduction of modern elements. It is necessary to promote market players to go to the countryside and guide creative design enterprises, platforms, studios, and designers to expand their business and implement operations to the countryside. The local introduction of art institutions to operate the art festival exhibition with local cultural characteristics in a market -oriented manner; it is also necessary to encourage cultural and creative to go to the countryside, encourage music workers, music companies, music colleges, music industry organizations and other in -depth rural collection, exhibitions and exhibitions and exhibitions and exhibitions and exhibitions. Docking and assistance; also guide the standardization of capital to go to the countryside, encourage financial institutions to adapt to local conditions and innovate products, provide credit support for rural culture and tourism business entities, and guide various investment institutions to invest in rural culture and tourism projects.

In terms of boutiques, we must not only encourage rural cultural boutique to the country, promote rural cultural festivals to the city, encourage localities to explore traditional rural festivals, competitions and agricultural solar terms, and cultivate local characteristic festivals and exhibition activities according to local conditions; Culture has moved to the world, intensified the spread of the international stage, and told the story of the Chinese cultural industry to empower rural revitalization.

  The cultural industry empowers rural revitalization. It is necessary to cultivate enterprises and build brands. "Opinions" adheres to the thinking of rural cultural brand, emphasizes transforming cultural resources into advantageous enterprises and characteristic brands, protects farming civilization in brand innovation, and breeds brands in inheriting farming civilization.

In terms of cultivating enterprises, the shortcomings of rural cultural development are lagging development of market entities. It is necessary to support the cultivation and introduction of backbone cultural enterprises, support the development of small and micro -cultural enterprises and studios, and individual creators, and encourage multi -industry enterprises and social capital to pass through Invest in the rural cultural industry and form a corporate matrix for the cultural industry to empower rural revitalization.

In terms of building a brand, we must focus on solving the problems of small, scattered, and chaos, and avoid low -level homogeneous construction. We must focus on forming a group of characteristic cultural industries with market competitiveness, and build a group of cultural industries with distinctive characteristics and outstanding advantages. Specialized towns and characteristic villages have launched a number of typical examples of revitalizing rural rejuvenation with international influence.

In the future, the focus of brand building is to encourage localities to strengthen the construction of "hometown of Chinese folk culture and art", shape "one country, one product", "one country, one art", "one country, one scene" characteristic brand, and form a rural culture with regional influence Business cards, fully develop products and lines such as folk culture and art research tour, experience tour, and cultivate traditional craft products and brands with national and regional characteristics.

  The cultural industry empowering the rural revitalization must not only have local charm and modern trends.

The "Opinions" adheres to the integration of local charm and modern trends. It is necessary to pay attention to "rustic soil", avoid large demolition and large construction, demolition of true construction, but also to pay attention to fashion trends, promote the reborn and upgrading of cultural resources, cultural industries. In terms of local charm, we must adhere to both shapes and spiritual orientation, deepen the rural cultural symbols, protect the original architectural style and village structure of the countryside, integrate the elements of local cultural elements into the rural construction, deeply dig the ancient charm, promote the beauty of humanities, reshape the poetry of poetry The idle human environment and the living environment of the green grass green, reproduce the pastoral scenery and nostalgia.

In terms of modern trends, it is necessary to highlight new technologies and use digital technology to create and spread cultural products and experience projects such as rural characteristics, folk skills, local style, idyllic scenery, production and life, etc.; , Games, digital art, knowledge services, online literature, online performances, online video and other industrial forms, tap the active and village’s excellent traditional cultural resources, and create a unique theme image of local characteristics; it is necessary to develop new models and encourage conditions to develop conditions. Music festivals, concerts, music parks (bases) and other special projects to create music theme characteristic and cultural villages to fully adapt to the needs of consumers’ diversification. The cultural industry empowers rural rejuvenation. The "Opinions" emphasized that the government’s guidance and market operation, and the main body of farmers and various parties participated.

In terms of government guidance, governments at all levels must strengthen guidance, support and service functions, and provide good business environment and policy support for the development of rural cultural industries. The construction of social capital gives policy concessions and support, etc. In terms of peasants, highlighting the revitalization of the cultural industry to empower the countryside is to rely on farmers, rely on farmers, and develop farmers, fully respect the wishes of farmers, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of farmers, take the basic interests of farmers, promote the common prosperity of farmers as the starting point as the starting point. With the end of the foothold, encourage all parties to participate extensively, and continuously enhance the sense of gain and happiness of farmers. Excavation, protection, activation and promotion of rural culture, the cultural industry’s empowerment of rural revitalization has been on the road. At present, a group of cultural tourism creators have developed rapidly, a number of characteristic cultural enterprises have grown up soil, and a number of characteristic cultural industry integrated chains are in groups, providing important support and strength for rural revitalization.

  (Author: Wang Chunchao Hu Haojun, Professor of Economics of Wang Chunchao and Jinnan University, special researcher at the new era of Xi Jinping in Guangdong Province; researcher of the National Information Center of Hu Paojun).