Original title: Public Security Traffic Police released the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Traffic Safety Reminder. The Provincial Public Security Department Traffic Management Bureau issued the Dragon Boat Festival holiday traffic travel safety tips on May 31 to remind traffic participants to travel safely and civilized travel.

  1. Division personnel should understand the requirements of the destination epidemic inspection and real -time road conditions in advance, and reasonably plan travel time and route to avoid peak hours and congested road sections. During the waiting period, prepare the itinerary, health code, etc. in advance.

  2. Wearing a seat belt on a vehicle, more than 40%of life can be saved when accidents.

  3. Prepare to refresh the brain in advance, heatstroke and cooling supplies.

Keep a good mood while driving, do not drive emotional, and do not drive a gas vehicle.

  4. Ensure that you have sufficient sleep, arrange your itinerary reasonably, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and try to avoid habit of driving in sleep time.

If you are sleepy and poor, choose a safe place to park and rest, and you will not stop on the highway. 5. Speed ??driving is the first killer that leads to a traffic accident. You should arrange your itinerary reasonably. Do not travel speedy.

  6. At the time of gathering of relatives and friends and wedding ceremony, reminding each other after drinking, driving and drinking.

  7. During the festival, the traffic flow is dense. Do not illegally overtake, do not drive in the backward. Poor distance sections must be tweeted in time. 8. When driving, when you encounter a motor vehicle parking in front of you waiting in line or driving slowly, queue up in turn, and do not intersperse at will to avoid accidents or exacerbate congestion. 9. Reduce the speed, pay attention to observe the road conditions and use the light correctly, change the distance and near the light in time in time, and use the high beam for a long time.

  10. Enhance the inspection of tires, braking, steering, lighting, and oil circuit before driving to ensure good car conditions. (Reporter Chen Junqi).