On April 29, a building collapsed in Leifeng Avenue, Wangcheng District, Changsha, Hunan.After receiving the alarm, the command center of the Changsha Fire Rescue Detachment of Hunan Province immediately dispatched 10 fire trucks, 134 fire rescue workers, and 4 search and rescue dogs to the scene to dispose of 10 fire rescue stations.

  At 12:50, the first batch of fire rescue forces arrived at the scene.

According to a preliminary understanding, the collapsed building is located near the north gate of Changsha Medical College. It is a 6 -storey half -brick mixed structure. The building area is about 800 square meters. The first floor is the facade, the second floor is the hotel, the third floor is a private theater, the 4th to 6th floor as the 4th to 6th floor as the 4-6th floor as the 4th to 6th floor.Family hotels, lofts above the 6th floor are self -housing.

The rescue force is currently being carried out for rescue, and the trapped situation is being investigated and verified.(General Taiwan CCTV reporter Wang Hua Liu Jing and Song Feijing).