According to the State Council ’s joint prevention and control mechanism for the new crown pneumonia epidemic and control mechanism for scientific division, accurate management and control and other work requirements and comprehensive evaluation of experts, after studying the prevalence of the New Crown pneumonia epidemic in Xi’an: From 23:00 on March 12, 2022, the following will be the following, the following will be the following. Regional adjustments are adjusted to medium -risk areas. 1. Jintu Building, Linyan Community, Wenyi Road Street, Beilin District 2. Chang’an Road Street, Chang’an Road Street, Chang’an District, Dongdao Lane, East Road Lane, East Road Lane, East Road Lane, No. 2, Wanda Community, Zhongshanmen Street, Xincheng District, after adjustment of Building 2 Thirteen, the risk levels of other regions remain unchanged. The 10 medium -risk areas announced before are: 1. Hyatt Hotel, No. 988, Qujiang Chi East Road, Qujiang New District 2. Hankou Hotel (Wanshou Road Metro Station Store), Changle Middle Road, Changle District 3. Building 1, Golden City Community, Bei Er Er Community 4. Qujiang New District Yajule Community Cuizhu Garden Community L3 Building 5, Qujiang New District Vanke City Vanke City, Building No. 17 6, Lianhu District, Jinhui Swan Bay Community No. 6 Building 7. Xincheng District Zhongshanmen Street Dongxin Street No. 130 Xiaoyang Barbecue Shop 8. Yuezhenxuan, No. 256 Dongxin Street, West Road Street, Xincheng District 9, Xincheng District Zhongshan Men Street East New Community Golden Times Apartment 10, Xincheng West West West Editor of residential buildings in Nanchangxiang Community, Shangpu Community of the street:.