People’s Daily Online, Macau, March 11th (Reporter Fokumi) Zheng Xincong, deputy director of the Liaison Office of the Special Administrative Region of the Central People’s Government in Macau, recently met with representatives of the 24th Macau University Student Union. Consciousness and patriotism to ensure that Macau’s "one country, two systems" career is passed down.

At the same time, in -depth exchanges and discussions on issues such as the development of the Student Union and the May 4th Youth Summit.

Zheng Xincong encouraged students to establish a great ideal, integrate into the overall situation of national development, actively assume the responsibilities and mission given by the new era, and contribute to the future development of the country and Macau. At the same time, students should take learning as the primary task, consciously develop a good habit of studying hard, and strive to master more knowledge and enhance the ability of the officer.

Lin Yaozhang, chairman of the Member of the University of Macau’s Student Union, reported on the work plan and outlook, including improving the management system of the internal association, the promotion of the association and all parties of the affiliated organizations, strictly controlling the use of resources, and promoting the existing system and specifications.

Lin Yaozhen said that as a student representative, in addition to leading the students’ union to discover and seize new opportunities, care about school affairs, we must also closely understand the country’s development policies and the environmental changes of society. Li Ziying, Chairman of the Student Union of the University of Macau, said that the Students will pay attention to the students’ academic reading, reorganize the student union materials, increase the opportunities of social communication, enhance the ability of the student union, help the development of various subsidiaries, increase the channels for obtaining resources to reduce operations to alleviate operations. The pressure is promised to strengthen contact with institutions and groups from all walks of life in Macau, explore new cooperative relationships, connect the resources of all parties, and achieve the effect of one plus one greater than two. Ke Junjie, the director of the Student Union of the University of Macau, promised that the board of supervisors would exercise power rigorous and fairly, and during his tenure, he would fulfill his duties and respect the spirit of the rule of law.

In internal management, actively find potential problems, actively solve existing problems, openly deal with impartial handling, and rigorously use power with unwavering determination and unwavering conviction to complete each job. (Responsible editor: Wang Yuzheng, Chang Hong) Share let more people see it.