In order to facilitate citizen nucleic acid testing and further improve the sampling capacity of the Chongming District nucleic acid, according to the "Guidelines for the Normal Layout of the Optimized Nuclear Acid Sampling Point", the Chongming District is combined with the "fixed sampling point+the sampling point of the citizen+flow sampling point". Optimize the layout of normal nucleic acid sampling points in the region. From April 27th, the first batch of 46 normalized ribinic acid sampling points in Chongming District began to run, facing free sampling services in the whole society. The sampling point of the nuclear acid sampling point of Simonli Town, Chongming Chengqiao Town is one of the first batch of 46 normal sampling points, and adopts the form of a newspaper pavilion.

At 2:30 pm on April 27th, some staff members of the confession unit, courier brother, etc. at the scene were waiting in line to sample. It is understood that the sampling point opens two windows and implements single -tube single mining. The medical staff of the Chengqiao Town Health Service Center will be sampled and start at 2 pm to the end of 4 pm. It is understood that the first batch of 46 normally normalized nucleic acid samples opened by Chongming were fixed sampling points for medical institutions, and 24 samples were sampled for the people.

In terms of site selection, priority is given to the people with large demand for medical institutions, cultural squares, and transportation hubs.

According to the Chongming District Health Commission, Chongming plans to build a three -level nucleic acid sampling network of "district -town -village dwellings". At present, it has initially clarified all 100 points of the sampling points. If there is no open conditions, software and hardware facilities are undergoing software and hardware facilities. Configuration is expected to be completed and put into use in mid -May. (Photo: Liu Xinzheng Wu Xiong Photo People’s Daily Shanghai Channel Jiang Hongbing Yang Xunchen).