The green heritage continued to plant in September 2019. Employees and technicians of Employees and electric heating manufacturers in Wulan County, State Grid, came to Sainen Village, Koko Town, Wulan County, Haixi Prefecture to install electric heating cymbals for the villagers. "Before burning the soil, the smell of smoke was full of cigarettes, and it was troublesome to add some straw, cattle and sheep dung in the middle of the night, which was very troublesome.

It’s okay now, no longer need to have a smell of smoke. Speaking of electric heating, the villager Li Shengcang browed his eyebrows. Senna Village was a demonstration site in Wulan County Clean and Heating. In the winter, the households in the village used the electric heating cymbal to become the first to realize the clean and heating of the whole village in Haixi Prefecture. Demonstration village. Subsequently, the electric heating puppets all spread in Haixi from the "fire" of Sina Village. "In 2021, Haixi has accelerated the cleaning and transformation of thermal source. "At the Qinghai Provincial Ecological Environmental Protection Working Conference in 2022, the deputy governor of Haixi Prefecture, Lu Dan, introduced the cleaning and heating.

Cleaning and heating is a livelihood project, and it is also environmental protection project. Haixi Prefecture’s continuous effect of promoting ecological environmental protection can be seen. In recent years, Haixi Prefecture has deeply implemented the concept of "green mountains and green mountains is the golden mountains and silver mountains."

Continue to comprehensively implement the river and lake length system, and in 2021, focusing on the implementation of the water environment governance projects of the Qunqu, the Datong River, the Buha River, the Jiangcang Qu, the Dulan River, and the Xiangride River Basin in the 2021 The water quality of centralized drinking water sources has reached or better than the III standard; the three -year speed -up operation of land greening has been implemented in depth, and the protection pattern of land and space development is continuously optimized; the three -year action plan of the "toilet revolution" has been fully completed, and a total of 12 beautiful cities and towns of the plateau have been built. , 39 beautiful villages in the plateau, the forest coverage rate reaches%, and increases a percentage point from the end of the "Twelfth Five -Year Plan"; insist on the repair of the natural ecology as a major political task, and promote the comprehensive rectification of the ecological environment of the Muli mining area in the state of the state; Establish a strategy of implementing ecological states, innovate and improve the ecological civilization system, and the three years of comprehensive improvement of the ecological environment of the Qinghai area of ??Murli and the southern foot of Qilian Mountain is strong, orderly and effectively. In recent years, Haixi has done a good job in ecological environmental protection in recent years. The pace continues to accelerate, and the results of long -term success.

The sky of Chaidama is getting blue, and the water is getting clearer … The diverse industries are increasingly rich in green heritage, which not only adds points to the face value of Haixi, but also empowers the development of Haixi.

Entering the Chaka Salt Lake Scenic Area, a small train slowly drove towards the center of the lake along the rails. Tourists who enjoyed the scene at the wooden boardwalk and the cruise wharf took the camera from time to time to record the beautiful scenery of this water. Behind people in the painting is the concentration of the scenic spot that adheres to the protection of natural landscapes, enrich the connotation of cultural tourism, and actively integrate into the construction of the "international ecological tourism destination".