People’s Daily Online, Shanghai, March 8th (Dong Zhiwen) On March 8th, Shanghai held the 118th press conference in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia. Division Zhang Jun introduced the relevant situation.

What measures did Jing’an District manage the closed area? Zhang Jun, deputy head of Jing’an District, said that in response to the epidemic situation, under the command of the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, and Municipal Prevention Office, in accordance with the municipal and district prevention and control programs and emergency plans, Jing’an District quickly organized emergency response. Strictly implement relevant prevention and control measures, and make overall plans for regional management and control, flow inspection, transfer disposal, nucleic acid detection, and place of placement. The first is to quickly implement regional control and conduct a timely investigation.

Regarding the newly added centralized region today, it is 233 Henan North Road, and it is a commercial building mainly for clothing wholesale.

In accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control requirements, the Jing’an District quickly implemented regional control and ensured that the relevant buildings and points were responsible for stratification and block management. At the same time, personnel touches were carried out, and personnel transportation such as secret connection, sub -dense connection was implemented as required, and closed -loop management was strictly done. Emergency coordination, internal and external linkage, and transportation of materials, quickly arrange nucleic acid testing places to ensure that nucleic acid detection is carried out in an orderly manner.

The second is to provide timely life materials and implement detailed service guarantee. Do a good job of logistics support, organize organs, enterprises and institutions staff, community workers, etc. to support the front line of prevention and control, understand the needs of controlling personnel, issue relevant emergency supplies, increase the purchase and reserves of materials, and provide full effort to provide living security. Establish on -site emergency response channels to provide medical protection in time for controlling personnel.

At the same time, the joint market managers do a good job of explaining the soothing work, and carrying out questions and emotional guidance. The third is to strengthen the prevention and control of the region and ensure full coverage of prevention and control measures.

Further strengthen the prevention and control measures of the epidemic situation in public places, strictly keep tight, refine the standards, implement the inspection of the "one place, one plan", and grasp the "five levels" and deepen the "four achievements".

Focus on strengthening the environmental cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation of various markets, and to increase the frequency of disinfection in key public areas, such as entrances, toilets, trash tanks, elevators, door handles and other parts; The "daily report" and "zero report" system of the situation. Make full use of the temperature testing code intelligent all -in -one machines of key shopping malls, large supermarkets, markets, and dense places of personnel, upgrade with technical means to improve the effectiveness of the prevention and control of the epidemic.

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