The first batch of "credit villages" in Fengxian District, Shanghai recently listed.

In order to implement the State Council on supporting the "three rural", implementing the spirit of the revitalization of the country, the spirit of the relevant documents, in-depth promotion "I do practical things for the people" practice activities, the People’s Bank Shanghai Headquarters leads the Agricultural Bank Shanghai Branch in Fengxian District Credit Village "Assessment, support credit, farmers in the market have received bank credit support, actively promote the cultivation of farmers and financial development, better meet the financing needs of rural rejuvenation. According to the relevant certification standards and procedures, the Huayan Village, Yulin Town, Nanqiao Town, Fengxun Town, Pu Xiun Village, Li Kao Village, Li Kao Village, Jijin Village, was awarded the first "credit village" .

The creation of "Credit Village" is an important starter that accelerates the implementation of rural resolution strategies. After assessing "Credit Village", the credit farmers do not need to mortgage, guarantees, to obtain credit loans to meet production and operation or consumption needs, improve the timely and convenience of farmers and agricultural economy. In order to further improve the differentiation pricing of "credit village", the ABC also provides preferential pricing for the "Credit Village" personal production and operation loan, and supports preferential interest rate rapid approval mechanism.

It is reported that as of September 30, the Agricultural Bank has completed the information file for 286 farmers in 358 administrative villages in Fengxian District, of which 282 farmers generate loan quotas, and have achieved loans through the Agricultural Bank of "Hui Nong E" products 254. Households, the total amount of loans exceeds 70 million yuan. The relevant person in charge of the Agricultural Bank of China said that the next stage will continue to promote the screening of farmers and "credit village" screening in Fengxian District, and strive to achieve full coverage of all farmers in the area within 3 to 5 years to help more village assessment as " Credit Village, further enrich rural financial products, allowing rural residents to enjoy more and better financial services.

The "credit village" unveiling activities will further strengthen the construction of rural credit system and Puhui financial system, enrich rural financial products, and join hands with the revitalization of rural villages, accelerate the grand goal of Fengxian agriculture, farmers, rural beauty.

(Reporter Yang Shuo).