People’s Network Shaoxing On October 26 (Zhang Liwei) Today, the 2021 Tenth Keqiao Fashion Week of the "Preferred · Green Wind" is held in Shaoxing Keqiao.

This shift weekly includes brand conference, fashion design exhibition, Chinese project activities, design peak exchange activities, fashion service into the market, "Keqiao is preferred" brand plan, fashion lecture hall, etc. More than 50 fashion creative activities.

Keqiao Fashion Week has become a beautiful new business card with Cushi International Textiles since 2015.Under the strong leadership of the fashion week, the fashionable industry in Keqiao District flourished.This year, the modern textile and Jianhu Laboratory, China University Shaoxing New Material Industrial Technology Research Institute and other research and development institutions have been launched, "Weaving Industrial Brain" "Zhejiang Engineer" and other digital multi-across scene is online, "Chinese Future Fashion Innovation Center" is beingAccelerate construction, more and more fashion companies, fashion talents, fashion elements continue to collect Ju Keqiao.