Ho Yijun, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee: In the face of new roads, we will deeply understand the rich connotation of "Chinese style modernization", focus on "six significant improvements" proposed by the provincial party committee, accurately grasp the time and potential of production and creativity, cross the river The line and policy of integration, urban and rural integration, the development goal of "advanced into the county 20th, striving for a civilized city", and strives to build Nantong’s cross-river integration development model area, and the Yangtze River Delta North Wing High Quality Development . Priority development education is an important first-hand chess that we promote the construction of "Chinese style modernization".

If you calendar, there will be a cultural tradition of Chongwen Shangxiang and respect the teacher.

In recent years, we have implemented education priority development strategy, and 18 monitoring indicators in the national compulsory education are ranked first in the province. The whole country in the forefront. All the city’s general high school build a provincial four-star high school, create a national first batch of compulsory education Teachers ‘Team’ County Management School "Management Reform Demonstration Zone", the first batch of compulsory education, high quality, balanced development county (city, district). "

We will adhere to the people-centered development ideas, always use education as the largest people’s livelihood, and strive to create "high-quality education county-style samples, long triangle northern wings educational city", so that education has become the best logo of modernization, and the strongest Help. One is the balance of the whole country, making education more temperature.

Continue to increase the investment in education infrastructure, improve the long-term mechanism of high-quality development of urban and rural education to ensure that the quality of the national compulsory education in Nantong is the first-quality and balanced development county (city), truly let every child "good at home". "

Second, it is tightly equipped with the highest quality and make education more height.

Collaborative Promoting the Popularization of Pre – education in Pu Wei County, provincial high-quality demonstration high schools, high-quality colleges, etc.

The third is to fully develop, making education more powerful.

Deepen the construction of the new era teacher team, enhance the effectiveness of "double mining" work, implement the fundamental task of Lidshu people, so that the students are more full, the personality is more perfect, the ability is more highly high, and high quality education will promote quality development and modernization. Construction.

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