In recent years, the Party branch of Jinhui Huafu Community, Qihu Street, Fujian Province, has maintained owners’ rights and dissemination of contradictions in the contradiction between the contradiction between the contradiction between the neighborhood, and focusing on the strength of all walks of life inside and outside the community, and lay a solid foundation for the construction of the harmonious community. Time is returned to 2017, the property rights dispute in a fitness company has become the contradiction between the residents, properties and real estate triparties. The tripartite has various views of the property rights of the property rights, and many historical problems left have caused this contradiction dispute. deadlock.

On the occasion of all parties, the Party Branch of Jinhui Huafu Community is actively coordinated with the principle of "shelving dispute together", with the primary line of the residents of the community, and more than 10 reality, the property, the property, Jin Hui Huafu Community is responsible for People discuss decision-making and convene branch members, party members, and residents’ special conferences for in-depth investigation and analysis of the incident.

In this way, after the joint efforts of both sides, the original tense atmosphere finally slowed down. Everyone is calm and sitting down to negotiate. This contradiction dispute has been resolved, not only retains property rights, but also strives to get the property. 300,000 yuan public supporting funds.

"Solve the problem, first to achieve justice, fairness, disclosure, and fully consider the rights and interests of the residents and enterprises, and the problem can be resolved.

Wu Chuan said, Wu Chuan, deputy secretary of the party branch of Jinhui Huafu Community, said that the starting point and the foothold of the community, as long as there is something that may cause contradictions or disputes, the Community Party Branch is solved in the first time. Jin Hui Huafu Since the establishment of the Community Party Branch, 22 contradictions and disputes have been solved by the residents, and they have received the support and cooperation of the masses, further consolidating the foundation of the residents and construct a harmonious neighborhood. (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhong Xia Xiahua).