People’s Daily Online Chengdu April 23 (Wang Jun) In order to further improve the intellectual property rights assistance work system, improve the coverage of intellectual property non-challenges, with the agreement of Chengdu Intellectual Property Office, the 28 intellectual property rights established in Qingbaijiang District The rights station (point) is officially running.

"The Qingbaijiang District is currently the largest number of districts and counties in Chengdu’s intellectual property rights station (point), and innovates the components of the station (point) of the judiciary.

"According to the relevant person in charge of the Youth Baijiang District Market Supervision Administration .

It is understood that in order to actively promote the intellectual property cultural construction of "Respecting knowledge, advocating innovation, and integrity", Qingbaijiang officially launched intellectual property publicity weekly activities in recent days.

During publicity week activities, the district will carry out "promoting enterprise intellectual property management to health business" intellectual property training in the way online live broadcast.

At the same time, the Qingbaijiang District will also organize all members, towns (streets), various market supervision, various intellectual property rights work station (points) in depth professional markets, enterprises, communities, parks, and form a variety of intellectual property policy publicity activities. .

(Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia).