"In the past, Gaoyou Lake is more fish, we can still have some income; Fishermen Liu Xuelian said that the fishermen who came to carry out the anti-arrest investigation of the investigation, "the state requires returning, not only gives us compensation, but also solves the employment and social security, we certainly support this policy!" Beibei Village Like the lake, like Liu Xuelian, the fisherman’s ancestors here rely on a live ship, a production ship over life, and the anti-arrest policy makes their lives facing new turns.

The multi-sectoral department of Tianchang City has been promoted, measures to make a good job of the fishing boats, the fishermen ‘s business, and the fishermen’s transumation and other key work, and resolutely win the ban on Gaoyou Lake Tianyi Waters. Policy leaders.

The Tianju Municipal Party Committee, the municipal government attaches great importance to the ban on the bustover of Gaoyou Lake Tianyi Waters, formulated 6 implementation rules such as returning fishermen’s ship network tools, and returned the fishermen’s pension insurance social security, according to the retreat, stable Resident, good demand, comprehensively implement the anti-arrest of the repeats, fully stop the fishing operation of Gaoyou Lake Tianyi Waters, ensuring that the returning task is fully completed before June 30, 2022, and the water biological resources are effectively protected, refundled Fishermen’s livelihoods have been effectively guaranteed. Do doing fine. According to the public, fair, fair principle, the Tianchang, improve the application of fishermen, township review, county-level approval procedures, and meticulously refrigerated, review, safeguard, and resettlement.

The subsidy, the returning subsidy is issued, and it is strictly reviewed, and the layer is closed, and the accounting is confirmed, and there is no objection to organize.

The return of the investigation, doing "do not leak one household, no one person, no one ship, no one network", and publicize the relevant policies and regulations to the fishermen. At present, the fishery department measures 1425 fishing boats, and 407 bank tools shall be registered, and 424 household registration information is registered. Department collaboration. The city’s agricultural rural areas take the lead, public security, finance, people and other departments, ensuring compensation, social security, employment training and employment, children’s education, medical security, housing security, minimum living security, health care, housing security, minimum living security Temporary life subsidies and other policies are in place. Related Town (street) as the responsible subject of fishermen’s refrigeration work, according to the principle of management, responsible for policy propaganda, social security, and letters and visits. The financial department will include special law enforcement funds into the budget, equipped with law enforcement equipment and equipment such as fishery law enforcement vehicles, drones, radar optical TV monitoring.

The agricultural rural departments explore the return of the stressed management model, ensuring that the Gaoyou Lake Tianyi Waters have a good ecological environment and also have a harmonious living environment. Strengthen supervision. Tianchang City Retaping Work Leading Group Office performs coordination, supervision functions, and focus on new issues, new situations, and regular schedules, and promptly report progress.

Improve the implementation mechanism of responsibility, establish and improve the three-level responsibility system of counties, towns, and the department, strengthen the responsibility of the land, and ensure the responsibility of defending, defend the soil.

Improve joint law enforcement mechanism, strengthen the close cooperation with public security, market supervision and management, traffic maritime and other departments, conduct special strikes, strict law enforcement, and ensure effectiveness. Improve the stability mechanism of key waters, in the region of fishing boat fishermen, contradictory and explosive areas, and improve the emergency plan, solve problems in the grassroots level. The unit and individuals of the work advancement have promptly reported, and policies and policies; the units and individuals who are not in powerless and regulatory strictly investigate the relevant responsibilities. (Wei Yuma Junzhu) (Editor: Huang Yan, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.