Original title: China’s foreign trade cow has completed the 2019 annual quantity by Xinhua News Agency. This is the "transcript" that my country’s 10 months of goods trade.

From a year-on-year, the growth%; before, it is more than 130 billion yuan higher than the full year of 2019.

It can be said that the steady momentum of foreign trade continues to consolidate. The toughness is very strong, it is difficult to "can be valuable!" Said the Professor of Foreign Economic and Trade University to Zhuang Yu, a professor of the International Open Research Institute, in the face of the international and domestic complex and variable economic situation, my country’s foreign trade still maintains two high growth, reflecting strong toughness .

In the view of the deputy director of the International Market Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, my country’s foreign trade maintains stable growth reflects the results of my country’s epidemic prevention and control, energy insurance premium, effectively avoids local pressure to global spread.

Behind it is not easy to achieve pressure.

In the month of October, my country’s total import and export value decreased, showing that foreign trade in my country is under pressure. Since this year, international supply chain adjustment, large commodity prices have risen, and high shipping costs are continuously squeezed with profits of foreign trade enterprises. Recently, some parts of China have been affected by local exudation of epidemic, energy supply tensions, exacerbated the pressure of foreign trade enterprises.

"Power limit, we didn’t dare to pick up export orders in October, only about 60%. Now use the electricity situation to improve, start to restore the order.

Lu Li Li, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Wanma Polymer Materials Group Co., Ltd., said that the reporter learned that in order to address the challenge, some foreign trade companies accelerate the international market with the advantages of the industrial chain, and some enterprises choose to turn limited capacity to domestic demand. And there are also enterprises to choose to suspend orders to transfer the development or technical reform to meet the market update.

From the near future October China Manufacturing Procurement Managers Index (PMI), the new export order index and the import index are% and%, respectively, but in the contraction range, but enhances one and a percentage point in September. Upper pressure, the power is in Bing Ming believes that on the one hand, the global epidemic is still spreading, and many economies have just needed Chinese goods in slow recovery. China’s complete industrial system will continue to play in maintaining global industrial chain stability. Important role; on the other hand, my country’s foreign trade transformation and upgrading has gradually emerged, and it is also an important support against external risk challenges. Taking the industrial chain for a long automobile industry as an example, the demand for automobiles in the world is faster, and the main auto big country has caused the supply and demand gap, and the improvement of my country’s automobile industry, China Auto, especially in the new energy vehicle The industrial chain advantage is highlighted.

The data shows that my country’s mechanical and electrical products continue to grow. Among them, export cars (including chassis) billions of dollars are doubled. Recently, BYD, Xiaopeng, and Weilai and many other self-owned brand new energy models have landed in the European market.

It is necessary to see the risk of industrial chain facing foreign trade enterprises, but also to see the opportunity of global industry chain supply chain.

On the eve of Christmas, when the people of Europe and the United States worried that the sea was unable to receive Christmas gifts in time, the Chinese European class was continuously sent from China.

According to the statistics of the Christmas Supplies Industry Association in Yidewu, under the support of the Central European class, the sales volume of Christmas supplies will increase by more than 20% this year. "China European class not only promoters the stability of foreign trade in my country, but also has become an important force in stabilizing the global industrial chain supply chain, but also confirms the greatness of ‘and all the way’ initiatives." Zhuang said, my country and "all the way" along the country The potential of trade cooperation is continuously released, and has become a new momentum that drives my country’s foreign trade development.

The data shows that in the first 10 months, my country has increased by 23% from the country’s import and export along the "all the way", higher than the overall growth rate of foreign trade.

In the context of the epidemic, the various customs helps to develop "class", direct shipping machine, international road export transportation business and other models, promote bonded warehousing, multimodal transport, etc., develop cross-border e-commerce, overseas warehouse and other new The business has created new kinetic energy for foreign trade.

The development trend has not changed the pre-sale of the "Double 11" shopping promotion with the annual "double 11" shopping. The reporter learned from Hangzhou Customs that since October 18th, the report has opened the promotion pre-sale, as of October 31, Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce collection area Gongshu Park exported to more than 200,000 orders through cross-border e-commerce cargo flights. Exhausted exceeded the exports of the whole moon this year.

Bai Ming believes that from a long time, expanding high levels of opening up, better utilization of two international and domestic markets, two resources, and imports are not underestimated. In these days, the 4th China International Import Expo is holding hot in Shanghai. Global companies show new products, new technologies, open up new markets, create new opportunities. In the morning of the 5th, the opening of the Expo Enterprise Business Exhibition was opened for only one hour, and the Shanghai Trading Group "first" signed $ 700 million. The sixth day, Henan Province has sold 49 billion yuan "big single", Guangxi, Zhejiang, Anhui and other "buyers" have followed up … As of 7th, the next entry enterprise reservation exhibition area has exceeded 150,000 square meters. Industry insiders pointed out that it is necessary to see both the staged factors that drive foreign trade growth gradually subsidize, and export growth may gradually fall. Also, I have to see that my country’s huge market advantage, complete industrial chain advantages, continuous optimization of foreign trade structure and continuous upgraded business environment will provide a continuous driving force for foreign trade, the continuous motility, and foreign trade volume stabilizes No change. (Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.