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People Zhao Yu Mo taken "after wisdom of agricultural development, all aspects of agriculture will be monitored and recorded, then the fruit it good, consumers do not know the taste.

"Deputy director of the National Agricultural Information Engineering Technology Research Center of Information Engineering, Ph.D., Professor Chen Tianen recognized the need to build consumer-oriented mode of production, building bridges between consumers and producers of Internet information exchange, so as to produce more in line with market consumption trends, consumer preferences of products and intelligent cloud services agriculture requires the support of agricultural technology in all aspects of the production, grading, consumption, etc.

Chen Tianen said the development of the wisdom of agricultural workers can be reduced, cost reduction, to mention quality, efficiency, green, sustainable, high-quality support functions of agricultural development, industrial upgrading agriculture and rural revitalization of rigid demand. With the continuous development of social economy, an aging population growing, the traditional pension model has been unable to meet existing pension needs, then the future of life of older people will be like? Deputy Director of Civil Affairs Pension Services Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Zhang Shuqin said that people in the face of the problems of aging, and to modern information technology, "the wisdom of old age" came into being, opened up a new pension road. According to Zhang Shuqin, the "wisdom of old age" pension model will rely on a diversified information platform service model, integrating food aid to help bath, home appointments, healthcare, commodity purchasing, information, tips, emergency assistance and other online and offline resources services establishment of the elderly, families, neighborhoods and communities and various social service agencies and organizations of multi-linkage mechanism.

Achieve interoperability sharing between governments, institutions, communities and residents of pension information and resources, the pension service by hand to the intelligent, automated transformation, timely and effective manner to provide pension services to meet the needs of the elderly diversity.

Currently, Ningxia further enhance the service level of intelligence and precision pension did some practice and exploration.

For example, in Yuanzhou Guyuan, Jingyuan County, Longde, Pengyang established seven intelligence service pension service platform, relying on effective data information to support the provision of health services for the elderly, security services, life services, special care, mental comfort (5 + N) Aged other basic services.

By the end of 2020, clients reach people. Make the city smarter and more wisdom of some, it is to promote urban governance systems and governance modernization only way.

As a result, cloud Tianyi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Gao Yu De solutions experts said, to build the city of the brain.

"City of the brain in response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, aspects of traffic management, social management, crime prevention and control, environmental protection, government services and other remarkable results, has become a new smart city construction of ‘standard’.

"Gao Yu Tak said the wisdom of urban management, for example, the model includes a comprehensive law enforcement, intelligence scheduling, public interaction and other aspects, can break between departments’ information separatism", urban governance, building big data management and analysis decision-making system, but also allows city people involved in the enforcement system (Editor: Zhao Mo Yu, Jia Ru). share allow more people to see the recommended reading.